Oh, Lie to Me, I Love You

I like Lie to Me.  For many reasons.  It is so adorably cute, sometimes I just can’t stand it.  The actors are wonderfullll together, both on and off-screen.  And sometimes the plot breaks from what has become stereotypical in asian dramas.  For example, when the lead is put into a tight spot and has to choose between his love or his work/family/whatever else there may be, he usually chooses not his love.  Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and tears ensue, and many viewers (or at least me) roll their eyes.  But for the most part, in Lie to Me, I have gotten many nice surprises!!!  For example, in one of the earlier episodes, Hyun Ki Joon is driving around and stops at Oh Yoon Joo’s house (ew).  It happens to be the day of Gong Ah Jung’s housewarming party, which she has already gotten permission from Ki Joon to hold at his [their…] house.  So the scene is set up in order to make you think “Oh no, Ki Joon is gonna try to revisit Yoon Joo, boohoo.”  We see a hand pressing a doorknob, but do not see who the hand is connected to.  Then we see Ah Jung fussing around the kitchen when the doorbell rings.  She opens the door, and BAM.  There’s Hyun Ki Joon, looking dapper and handsome and ohmygoodnessss.  Then we go back to Yoon Joo’s apartment and see cute Hyun Sang Hee as the one who rang her doorbell (thank goodness).  When that happened, I nearly had a panic attack.  I was just soooo excited that they didn’t try to make Ki Joon seem like he was still stuck in the past!  It was also the first time, at least as far back as I can remember, that this kind of thing happened.  It was great.  So satisfying.

Then in this episode, the very ending.  Ahhhh so great. 🙂  Once again, dreamy Ki Joon was backed into a corner: go eat with Park Sang Eun and save the business (and appease his aunt), or comfort Ah Jung after she texted, then called, then texted him again?  We see Ah Jung sitting in the cherry blossom park on their bench (d’aww) all alone, saying something along the lines of “Wouldn’t it be great if he was here with me on a day like this?  What kind of boyfriend is he…”  And then he texts, and calls, and magically appears.  It was so nice to see.

So this drama has broken from the mold a bit, in terms of the dilemmas that the leads are put in.  And I must say that I am liking where this is going.  Although, I’m a bit worried about Ki Joon, because after all, he does have a business, and if he’s not the big-shot president of World Hotel, then how will he continue his wonderfully dorky and extremely extravagant wooing of Ah Jung?  We shall see, I suppose….


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