Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Finale

I have posted an awful lot about Asian entertainment, so I think it’s time I added some American stuff.  🙂  Cue Pretty Little Liars (PLL).  

I don’t have the ABC Family channel anymore, and so all the episodes I watch are on Hulu (thank goodness for Hulu… if I didn’t have it, I would be so sad).  ANYWHOO.  I watched the Season 1 finale the day after it came out on Hulu, but that was back in like March, and since then I have crammed for so many tests and finals and other poop that I didn’t remember anything that happened.  Soooo since Season 2 started last Tuesday, I thought I’d refresh a bit 🙂  If you’re like me and don’t remember anything for a period longer than 2 months, then here’s a recap.

Season 1 Finale

The girls have opened up the flash drive with the multitude of stalker videos.  They are horrified by what they see.  They decide to see if Ian really did it; Spencer (the smartie that she is) gets a pay-as-you-go cell phone with a number that can’t be tracked and texts Ian, saying that they have Ali’s videos.  He responds asking what they want, and Hanna texts back a large sum of $$$ ($10,000!!!) and a meeting place.

Meanwhile, Emily’s dad’s assignment has been extended, and so they are moving to Texas for a year.  A whole year!  😦

Then to Hanna; after Mona ripped up Caleb’s note, Hanna is sad because she thinks he just left without saying anything to her.  He calls her, but Mona intercepts the call, and tells him to do them both a favor and lose Hanna’s number.  Lucas (aww such a cutie) overhears and deduces that Hanna never got the letter from Caleb.  Mona shoots back that Caleb really hurt Hanna, and that she would be better without him.  She tells him that if he keeps the letter between them, she’ll help him go from “Hermie” to “Her man”.  Clever play on words there, Mona, very clever.

Mr. Fitz was offered a position at Hollis!  He resigns from his high school job, and is happy because now he and Aria can be seen outside together without rumors flying everywhere (just kidding, they’ll be flying, they just won’t be as scandalous…  He is still her former teacher….)

Spencer and Toby are just so cute.  🙂  That is all I have to say at the moment.

And OMG I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING.  Jenna and Garrett the cop kissing?  Together?  Huh-whaaa?  Jeesh.  Talk about good cop, bad cop.

Anyways, back to the intense storyline.  Spencer is going to meet with Ian at the appointed place (an outdoor park).

Back to Aria; at her dad’s university faculty mixer party thing, guess who rings on the door?  Ezra’s ex-fiancee, Jackie!  Wow.  Aria understandably gets pissed, and Ezra later finds her, telling her he’s sorry he didn’t tell her that she was at the university.  Aria says that not telling her was a lie.  She drives it home, saying “Until today, you were the one guy who had never lied to me.”  Ouch.  :\

Then to Hanna!  She sits on her staircase, holding her cellphone.  She deletes Caleb from her contacts as tears roll down her face.  But then!  We see Caleb sitting in a car.  The camera pans around to show the driver and we see none other than…. Lucas!!!  (again, awwwwww what a cutieeee).  He says that Hanna deserves to be happy.  Seriously.  I love this kid.

NOW we’re back to the intense storyline.  Spencer and her sister are driving, and Melissa is freaking out because Ian was supposed to go pick her up from the church, but he was a no-show.  She realizes she forgot her phone at the church and curses.  Spencer says she’ll go back, but not before a car zooms out of nowhere and hits the passenger side.  OH NO.

The rest of the girls are then shown sitting in the woods, shivering.  Aria is leaving Spencer a voicemail.  Later, a car pulls up.  Emily says thanks for coming, and Garrett steps out, saying he’s glad they called.  Wow.  Sighh…

So Spencer goes back to the church to get Melissa’s phone, but she gets a nasty surprise: IAN.  Ian has sent a diversion to the girls in the woods.  He shows up at the church, wanting the flash drive with the sketchy videos back.  She throws it so that he can chase after it, and she runs up the church’s bell tower.  A chase ensues.  He reveals that he planned Spencer’s suicide, typing a note out on her laptop, saying that she was the one who killed Alison, and that the guilt was just too much for her.  Ian forces Spencer toward the edge of a platform, pushing her off.  She grabs onto the ledge, begging him not to do it.  He says he’s doing this because he loves Melissa.  It looks like all hope for Spencer is lost, when suddenly a dark hooded figure (A!!!!!) walks up and shoves Ian off the platform.  The bell in the tower starts chiming.  The girls arrive at the church and run up the tower and find Spencer in shock.  They look down and see Ian suspended in the ropes of the bell, hanged.  The girls have a hugout scene, Aria saying “It’s over, it’s over.”

The girls walk out from the church arm in arm, looking scared.  From behind them a voice says “Is this some kind of a joke?”  He tells them that no one is in the bell tower.  They go back and see that Ian is no longer hanging from the ropes.  So much for that being over.  The girls walk out again, looking worn out.  They all receive a simultaneous text from A.

“It’s not over until I say it is.  Sleep tight, while you still can, b-word (plural).  -A”

End of Episode

So what are we left with?  The whole neighborhood thinks the girls are liars, since there is no body of the supposedly dead Ian Thomas.  What does this mean for the liars?  We shall see…


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