Wu Zun, Marriage Rumor?

So I was reading the Chinese newspaper this morning after a nice trip to the Chinese store yesterday, and I opened it to the Taiwanese entertainment section, and found headlines exclaiming that boy band (although they’re all getting on in years now so maybe that’s not the correct term, but w/e)Fahrenheit’s Wu Zun has been married since 2009, and he has a four month-old baby girl.  !!!  He apparently is married to his longtime sweetheart from Brunei.

I think that it’s cuteee that he was able to marry his sweetheart (whom he has been dating for 16 years! <3).  But it’s sad that he’s had to keep quiet about it for such a long time— although I hope that now the secret is out, his wife and daughter don’t get pestered to death by reporters.

His manager denies all these claims, saying that the woman (there’s a picture of her driving a Porsche at his house) is his sister-in-law, and that the baby (in another picture there are baby clothes hanging on a drying line) and the clothes are his sister-in-law’s.  But do we really believe that?  😉


One thought on “Wu Zun, Marriage Rumor?

  1. vgag says:

    There are so many rumours floating around about Wu Zun! i think it is clear that he has left Fahrenheit, and it sounds likely that he won’t have time in the near future to do any recording with them…I have no idea if the marriage story is true or not, but it is certainly possible.
    Now that 5566, 183 Club and Frahrenheit are defunct, is the boyband craze on its way out?

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