Lie to Me: Closing Thoughts

So I have to say.  When I started Lie to Me, it had just started airing recently, so there were six episodes out already.  And once I watched up to six, I was sitting in front of my laptop going MORE MORE MORE PLEASE RIGHT NOW.

I’m not sure what happened, but that feeling gradually ebbed away throughout the drama.  I was kind of disappointed in the plot because basically all it was was the lie itself, and the affects of that lie.  I know not everyone has this opinion, but I just felt like there should have been something else in the plot, and there just wasn’t.  As Ah Jung said, there was something that was forgotten.  And I have yet to find that something.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too many explosive full-of-plot-twists dramas recently, but I just kind of lost interest in the end.  Episode 15 had me wanting to just skip to episode 16.  Not ideal.

Also, the ending was quite anticlimactic, no?  They ran towards each other, kissed (now the kiss was quite good, because it wasn’t just one of those ohhh peck on the lips! things…), and hugged and watched the waves crashing on the shore.  I at least wanted a wedding.  Or a kid.  Even seeing So Ran and Jae Bum’s kid would have been okay.  But seriously.  UGH.

Ahhh, Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye.  They are amazingly good together.  Their interactions were what kept me going in the end.  I knew the plot was stupid, and so I really wanted to just fast-forward, but I didn’t want to miss out on any of their adorable interactions.  And I am so glad I didn’t fast-forward because that kiss that was the fare for Ki Joon giving Ah Jung a ride to work made my day.  His face after she kissed him, was the most adorable thing I have seen.  He looked like a happy chipmunk/gopher/prairie dog.  In a really really REALLY good way.  So CUTE!!!

Anyways, this drama was pretty good overall, because the leads were wonderful together, and the beginning of the drama was very interesting and entertaining.  I’d have to say that I’m glad I watched it.  🙂


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