Lie to Me Episode 14 Summary

This is gonna be an episode summary!  I think summarizing is probably easier with dramas that I watch episode by episode, each week as they come out.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me with my short attention span.  Oh well!  🙂

Lie to Me Episode 14

Gong Ah Jung has just admitted to the reporters that it was she, not Hyun Ki Joon, who lied and said that they were married.  At the same time, Ki Joon has just arrived at the airport back in Korea, and is bombarded by paparazzi (seriously, these people need to get lives, not just go around and try to ruin others’).

The paparazzi pester Ah Jung about why she did what she did, and she mentions forcing Ki Joon to sign a contract and telling him to keep it a secret.  As the press closes in on her, Manager Park (I love this lady, seriously) nods at security and they block the paparazzi while Ah Jung is led away, dropping her cell phone in the havoc.

Ki Joon is in the car leaving the airport, when his aunt calls and tells him that Ah Jung has just told the paparazzi that she was the one who made the fake marriage up, not Ki Joon, and has accepted responsibility for it.  The aunt tells Ki Joon to go to her house first, so as not to get pestered by reporters, but Ki Joon hangs up and yells at the driver to turn around and go to Ah Jung’s house.

Ah Jung takes the taxi back home, even though Manager Park has offered to have someone drive her home.  Ki Joon calls her repeatedly, and she sees the missed calls on her cell phone, but she doesn’t make any effort to pick up or call back.  She gets to the park that had the cherry blossoms, and she is walking towards the special bench when she looks up and sees Ki Joon walking towards her.  They both stop, waiting for a while.  Ki Joon, tearing and looking sad, asks her in a shaky voice whether she has eaten yet, and she replies asking how his trip was.  Ki Joon asks her if she has been well, and Ah Jung tips over the point of barely being held together to crying.  She says that she has been well (but that’s obviously a lie since she’s sobbing).  Ki Joon steps forward and hugs her, he himself crying as well.

The next day, Ah Jung’s dad is reading the newspaper.  She walks out and apologizes to him for disappointing him.  He tells her that he knows Ki Joon is a good guy, because he drinks well.  She laughs and says that that’s not enough evidence.  Ah Jung asks what will happen to her, and her dad hugs her, telling her that everything will be fine.

So Ran is watching the news, when the news of Ah Jung comes on.  She calls Jae Bum over, and he says he already knows because Ah Jung came to him the day before, seeking legal help should she need it.  So Ran accuses them of getting together behind her back, and Jae Bum calls her out on her ridiculousness, saying how could she think that after knowing how much he loves her.  She looks satisfied and grabs Jae Bum’s arm.

Ah Jung goes in to the Ministry, apologizing to her coworkers.  Her boss speaks with her privately, telling her that she should have told him earlier.  He asks her what’s going on, but she simply apologizes again, saying that she just wants to take responsibility for it and let it go away quietly.  He tells her that the Minister has called, and that he will be contacting her soon.  Meanwhile, her coworkers are talking, saying how the press even knew enough details to write that Ah Jung was giving preferential treatment to the World Hotel.  Her coworker that looks like a gorilla (sorry, that’s probably not very nice but I don’t know his name) looks suspicious and he says that he has no idea.  What a buttface.  Seriously.  He should get fired immediately.

Ah Jung meets with the Minister, asking her to explain, but she just apologizes and says she’ll take responsibility.  He tells her that he will have no choice but to turn her in the the Disciplinary Board, and the she may end up getting fired instead of just resigning.

Now Ki Joon sees the whiplash, as his aunt smacks the stock report in front of him on the table.  The World Hotel stocks have dropped considerably.  Ki Joon asks her to wait for Chairmen Chen (could they really not have gotten someone who actually speaks Chinese to play this guy?  Everytime he speaks I mute the computer….) to make his decision.

Ah Jung is bringing out all her office stuff when she runs into So Ran in the lobby of the Ministry.  So Ran worries that this scandal will ruin Ah Jung’s reputation, making it so that she won’t be able to get married.  She says that Ki Joon should come out and take responsibility, not leaving it all to his girlfriend.  Ah Jung thanks So Ran for her concern.  I like So Ran much better when she’s not being jealous and petty.  She’s actually quite a good friend to Ah Jung.  So Ran tells Ah Jung that Internet articles don’t allow people to be held responsible, and Ah Jung laughs and says that she is not even a celebrity, and should not have any Internet articles to begin with.  She says that she will be fine.

Ki Joon storms into his office, telling Manager Park to contact the media.  She says they can’t, and Ki Joon yells it again.  Manager Park denies him again, and launches into a lecture about how much responsibility Ki Joon is holding.  If stocks plummet even further, all the staff at the many World Hotels and Gold Resorts and etc. that they own will suffer, simply because he is the president.  Anything he does will affect the company, and in turn the company’s workers.  Ki Joon says that if he doesn’t do anything, Ah Jung will get hurt; he doesn’t want to hide behind a woman’s skirts and be a coward.  Manager Park tells him that he should, and that if she were him she would be even more cowardly.  She says that if he can’t do what’s best for the hotel, then he should step down as president.  If he doesn’t want to relinquish his position, then he should just calm down and stay still.  He smashes a vase (or something, I can’t tell since it breaks into many pieces).  Manager Park, again I say, you are such a smart woman.  Seriously.  Probably my favorite character in this drama.  Although I wonder what her role is.  Is she just a really down-to-earth friend?

Sang Hee is sitting under a pavilion at the playground.  Ah Jung is walking towards him, carrying her box of office stuff.  He tries to cheer her up by singing an off-key and raspy-voiced rendition of some song, and she laughs.  Sang Hee wonders how his brother could allow this to happen to the woman he loves.  Ah Jung disagrees, saying she is not hurt, and that she does not regret anything.  Then Ki Joon calls her, asking her where she is.  She teases him about not working, and he says that since he’s president he can do whatever he wants.  Sang Hee is still sitting next to Ah Jung, and smiles a happy smile at their conversation.  YAY SANG HEE!!!  You’ve gotten over Ah Jung!  I’m glad that the writers didn’t decide to make Sang Hee a competitor or whatever for Ah Jung against Ki Joon, because that would just be way too repetitive of the Yoon Joo thing.  It makes me happy that Sang Hee thought through his feelings and decided the right thing to do.  Congrats, my very attractive friend.

Ah Jung meets up with Ki Joon, still carrying her box.  She kids that since she has a rich boyfriend, it’s okay for her not to have a job.  Ki Joon tells her that he would be fine if she quit, but he wouldn’t be able to accept her getting dismissed because of him.  They get into the car, and Ah Jung enjoys the ride, sticking her hand out the window and leaning against the window and feeling the breeze.

Ki Joon drives to a public area with plenty of space.  He gets out, holding hands with Ah Jung.  He waits until a large crowd has gathered, and then shouts out “I, Hyun Ki Joon sincerely love Gong Ah Jung!  If everyday I don’t see her, I would miss her to death!  I really love her!”  He hugs her, and holds up his little asian victory sign.  SO CUTE.  Ohmygoodness!!!  Cameras and cell phones spring up amongst the audience to record this.

News sure does travel fast in this age!  Yoon Joo is sitting at home, and she watches the video of Ki Joon declaring his love for Ah Jung.  She cries and looks despondent.  Puh-lease.  Get over yourself honey.  The sooner you stop going after him, the happier you’ll be.  Seriously.

Later Manager Park goes into Ki Joon’s office and commends him on his public declaration, because it revived his image, as well as kept Ah Jung from getting hurt further.  Ki Joon says that he didn’t plan it.  He said it just happened because he was going crazy for Gong Ah Jung.  She says as a woman, she hopes that Ki Joon can love Ah Jung even more, and not just make her love him.  Ki Joon asks to meet her (so her name is Park Ji Yoon, which I did not know until now…) outside the office later.

So Ran forces Ah Jung out to a nail salon, where Ah Jung is recognized, but not longer hated.  So Ran says that if they get married, she wants the credit because she was the one that was being lied to when the marriage rumor first began.  Ahh, so cute, that So Ran 🙂

Ki Joon and Ji Yoon are meeting after work, and she asks why he asked her.  He says he wanted to talk to her as a friend.  She asks him why he likes Ah Jung, to which he replies that she’s honest and sweet, and immature, but that lives listening to her heart, not her head.  He says he feels like they live in different worlds.  Ji Yoon tells him that this time he should listen to his heart; if the person he loves is in a different world than him, then he has to join her world.  She tells him that he will have to sacrifice some things.  He smiles and says there is no better friend than her.

Ah Jung is windowshopping, attracting many bystanders, and Ki Joon walks up to her.  He asks where she wants to go, and she tells him he can choose.  They end up sitting in Ki Joon’s car, with Ah Jung lamenting that she would like to be able to go out and hold hands on dates.  Cue cute efforts at being unrecognized while out on dates.

They go hiking, where they are recognized by some ahjummas, and then on to the movies where they are recognized by school girls, disguising themselves appropriately for each situation (but obviously not well enough since they are ferreted out both times).  Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are SO CUTE TOGETHER OMG.  Their dates are sooooo cute all the time, because they’e just so unconventional.  Like at that arcade, it was funny to see a big-shot hotel chain president playing Whack-A-Mole and acting like a 10 year-old.  🙂

Yoon Joo is walking with her step-dad, Congressman Park.  She asks him for a favor, asking him to understand if it’s not very mature.  Oh no…  Please.  I beg of you, writers.  It’s already so close to the finale.  Just let Ah Jung and Ki Joon get together IN PEACE.  But then again, I guess there’s a reason why this is called a drama…. sigh.

Ki Joon’s aunt tells him that there is going to be a World Hotel board meeting to decide if his position should be relegated to someone else.  Meanwhile, Ah Jung sits in front of the Disciplinary Action Board and is interrogated about what happened.

At Ki Joon’s meeting, the board members are upset that this scandal has affected the hotel’s stocks so heavily, and they are ready to cast a vote as to whether he should stay president or not.  Someone points out that he has been a good president, but since he could not get the deal with Chairmen Chen, he should be relieved of the position.

Back to Ah Jung’s meeting, the lead investigator asks Ah Jung if she is in a romantic relationship with Ki Joon, and she replies that she loves him.

The vote is about to be cast, when Manager Park comes in looking happy.  She apologizes for interrupting, but Chairmen Chen has decided to invest in World Hotel.  Ki Joon is ecstatic, and the rest of the board is also quite happy.  Ki Joon is SAFE!

Ah Jung sits on their bench in the park, and Ki Joon joins her.  He tells her that Chairmen Chen decided to invest.  She is happy for him, like the good person she is.  Ki Joon doesn’t think it’s fair that he got the deal, but she might lose her job because of him.  Ki Joon tells her that they have to go somewhere.

They end up going to Ah Jung’s house.  Ki Joon kneels before her dad and says that he’s willing to accept punishment for making Ah Jung suffer.  Her dad asks Ki Joon if he knows what he did wrong?  He asks why Ki Joon went along with Ah Jung’s lie in the first place, and verbally pokes and prods at Ki Joon’s sore spots, eventually telling him that there is a line of men waiting to date Ah Jung.  She finally intervenes and says to stop being mean to Ki Joon.

Her dad says that the purpose of life is to find love.  He is proud of the two of them because they love each other so much that each of them is willing to throw away what they have in order to protect the other person.  Her dad offers to drink again, and he tells Ki Joon to prepare the snacks since he made them last time.  He tells Ki Joon that he will definitely win, and Ki Joon says that he cannot lose either.  He hurries off in an adorably nervous way to the kitchen.

I have to say, drunk Ki Joon is one of the funniest and cutest and aaahhhhh things I have ever seen.  He is staggering around with Ah Jung trying to keep him upright.  She asks if he’s okay, and he says that of course he’s okay!  He is Hyun Ki Joon Five-Set!  Good looks, manners, and all that jazz.  Park Hoon is waiting beside the car, and he rushes forward to help Ah Jung with Ki Joon.  Ki Joon tells Park Hoon to wait in the car for him.  He asks Ah Jung if she will be his, and tells her that since everyone knows about them being together, she can’t break up with her oppa now.  Heehee.  Oppa.  Ah Jung asks Ki Joon if he is proposing to her, and he tells her that this is part of it.  Ah Jung gets Ki Joon into the car, but he sticks his head out the window again and hugs Ah Jung as the car pulls away.

Chairman Chen and Ki Joon’s aunt sign the contract.  Later Chairman Chen asks Ki Joon to bring Ah Jung to a party that he’s hosting tomorrow night, and he agrees.  He meets with Ah Jung in a coffee cafe and tells her about the party, and she wonders if she should go since she is now jobless.  She wonders if she should open her own coffee shop, which Ki Joon offers to buy, but she tells him no because she wants to get one through her own hard work.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung arrive at the party, looking very nice.  Chairman Chen’s wife is very happy and goes to hug Ah Jung, thanking her for the comfort she gave when she lost her mother.  The aunt is clearly displeased that Ki Joon has brought Ah Jung as his partner for the night, and she pulls him aside to tell him so.  He responds that Chairman Chen specifically asked her to attend.

While Ki Joon is talking with his aunt, a reporter pesters her, wanting to get some good information.  Ki Joon comes back and pulls her away from the reporter, but not before he gets in a final question: how does she feel to have become a Cinderella of sorts?  At this Ki Joon smiles and disagrees, saying that he has become a prince because of Ah Jung.  Congressman Park, who brought the reporter with him to the party, chides the reporter for letting his curiosity get the better of him, even when he is not doing a formal interview, then leads him away from Ah Jung and Ki Joon.

Ah Jung gets a call and moves off to the side to take it.  She is informed that the Disciplinary Board has come to a decision, and that decision is to fire her from her position as a civil servant.  Ah Jung is crestfallen, and she hurries to leave the party.  However, she trips on a cord, causing two ice sculptures to be knocked over and smash.  Everyone looks at her, wondering what happened (and probably thinking, oh how awkward… I know I was definitely feeling some second-hand embarrassment for her… :\)  In the process of tripping, she loses both her shoes.  She gets up again and leaves, without her shoes.

Ki Joon follows her out, asking what happened?  Ah Jung stops for a moment, then continues to run away from him.

End of Episode 14

So sad for Ah Jung.  I hope she gets her job back.  I liked this episode 🙂

Thank you for reading the summary!  I hope it benefited you in some way, shape, or form 🙂


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