Material Queen Episode 2

This episode of Material Queen was nice because it cleared up the whole William Norman body-double thing, which would only get in the way of Lin Chu Man falling in love with the real Cai Jia Hao.  It also introduced that other girl who lived with Jia Hao in Paris, who is like a little sister to him.  I wonder what part she will play later?

Old Chinese guy be whack.  That’s all I have to say about him.

Lynn Xiong did a nice job again.  I liked her reaction when she asked Jia Hao what his family does for a living and he said selling vegetables…. ehehehe.

Sasha is sooo prettyyy, I am so jealous!  Her character is quite hateful though.  Haha….  I hope her character improves?  Maybe?  😛


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