Material Queen: Thoughts on the First Episode

Wow.  Material Queen… is something different.  I gotta say.  It kind of gives me a bit of the feeling of The Greatest Love because it shows you a behind-the-glamour look at a world that we don’t usually see beyond what they want you to see.

I feel like this episode really set the stage for the drama (which is what all good first episodes should do).  It showed that Chu Man really is indeed a materialistic woman.  She is also a golddigger.  Although I have to admire her, putting up with her “hubby” because honestly he’s kind of annoying…  Anyways, it shows that she values money and shiny things.  The beginning was quite sad though.  Her mom (hehe Ren Guang Xi’s mom from Autumn’s Concerto <3) was really quite hateful, just leaving her daughter at the orphanage, giving bullcrap excuses like “Oh, you’ll only get in the way ofmy happiness!”  Anywhoo, it made me really sad watching such a little girl losing faith in miracles, and happiness/good things in general.

I think that Lynn Xiong is doing a pretty good job so far.  But I hope it’s not because there haven’t been any emotionally taxing scenes yet.  She is doing a wonderful job portraying a spoiled materialistic person though.  I love it 🙂  I want her to be able to deliver great scenes with lots and lots of emotion.  And a wide range of emotion too.  🙂  As for Vanness Wu.  Ahhh, what to say?  I LOVED LOVED LOVED him in Autumn’s Concerto, but I feel like his acting in Material Queen is not quite at the same level as that.  Who knows?  Maybe he also hasn’t quite had the chance yet, since there haven’t been many challenging scenes yet.  But I hope he can stay at or surpass his level in Autumn’s Concerto.  That would make this drama SOOOO good.

I am excited for this Friday’s episode!!!!  Which I may or may not recap.


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