Playful Kiss Episode 4 Summary

Okay, so I started summarizing this episode, and I was all gung ho for it, but then I realized that I kept on watching and going for an extremely long time, then remembering oh wait! I have to summarize this!  And then rewinding…. and it really bothered me.  Soooo I’ve decided not to take on summarizing yet because when I get into a drama that I’m marathoning, I really get into it.  So I’m going to post what I had (which is not much, let me tell you) and just leave the summarizing for a different drama.  Plus I already finished this entire drama, and going back and watching it again, while I will do it at some point, I’m going to wait.

Episode 4

Oh Ha Ni and her friends are standing outside Baek Seung Jo’s (and Ha Ni’s) huge house.  Her friends rush up to the gate, while Ha Ni looks miserable.  She wants them to go home.  Then Seung Jo’s mom comes out from the house.  She sees Ha Ni and greets her.  She sees her friends, and remembers them from the Physical Tournament.  She invites them inside for bingsoo (which is DELICIOUS, let me tell you).  After they all walk inside the camera moves to Bong Joon Gu, who is standing rather stalkerishly in the trees in front of the house.  He says “Aigoo” and looks sad, but in a comical way.

The girls are enjoying bingsoo, and Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s mom and laughing about something, when Seung Jo walks in and asks Ha Ni if she’s loving this, as if spreading it around school wasn’t bad enough, she even brought friends home.


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