Shining Inheritance: Closing Thoughts

I really really like this drama because, like I said before, its focus wasn’t completely and mainly on Hwan and Eun Sung’s relationship.  The whole scheming and intense plot was a really big part of things.  I’m really glad that I watched it, and it is officially my favorite drama.

I liked the ending, how it showed Eun Sung and Hwan before she left.  I’m glad that they didn’t show scenes from after she comes back, because I feel that would be dragging a bit, I’m not sure how to describe it.  The end scene was so sweet, with Hwan taking Eun Sung to the place he and his dad had visited the day he died.  It shows Hwan really trusts Eun Sung and is comfortable with her and just aahhhh so sweeeet!  And when Eun Sung whispered “Saranghae” in his ear…. pure adorableness.  I am definitely rewatching this drama.

I think Shining Inheritance also had a substantial emphasis on fathers.  There was Eun Sung and her father, how she loved him and their relationship was so close and good; Hwan and his father, how Hwan loved him a lot, and his father died protecting his own son; and Jun Se and his father, how Jun Se tried to do what was right even though his father would have huge losses, and how his father eventually saw that Jun Se was right, even if he was unhappy.  I like the family emphasis in this drama.

And I think Seung Mi and her mom made me the angriest I’ve ever been while watching a drama, just saying….

Anyways!  A great drama, definitely recommend watching it.  🙂


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