Shining Inheritance Episode 12

THAT WOMAN.  THE MOM.  SO BAD.  UGGHHHHHH.  I don’t like saying this about drama characters, because it make me feel mean, but she really needs to go die off.  Like it’s ridiculous.  Every time she comes on screen, I want to slap her.  Multiple times.

And I’m kinda sad cuz now it seems like Seung Mi is going to be bad like her mother.  😦  I was really hoping that she could step out from the horrible shadow that her mother cast.  Sigh.  I hope she pulls through in the end and is good again.  Good like Hwan’s image of her is.

Speaking of Hwan…. 🙂  Heehee.  I like seeing his concern for Eun Sung come out.  I felt kinda bad for him though when Eun Sung was telling him that he was the reason she lost her brother.  He was finally starting to be nicer, and then she made him feel so guilty.  And it really wasn’t completely his fault, it’s not like he broke the phone on purpose.

Park Joon Se.  Is one of the most adorable people I have ever seen.  In one of the previous episodes, when he took Eun Sung shopping for her mom’s grave, she said something about something awakening men, and then he was like “Awaken!”  AND IT WAS SO CUTE.  I COULDN’T TAKE IT. I was squealing for a good minute or two, just staring at the screen.  😀  He is kinda creepy though, popping up everywhere Eun Sung is, although it’s really sweet of him to care so much about her.

I also like that friend of Hwan’s who works/manages or whatever that bar.  I thought he was just a mean groupie of Hwan’s, but he’s actually a nice person, letting Eun Woo stay at his apartment.  I can feel that I’m going to be bothered by Eun Woo’s proximity in the future.  Since this is a drama, it’s guaranteed that there are going to be close encounters between Eun Sung and Eun Woo, but they won’t actually see each other and be reunited.  Sighhh, sometimes I wonder why I watch dramas because they really damage my mental health….

Han Hyo Joo’s face is interesting to look at.  I like her faces when she’s being angry.  🙂

And ohmygoodness, Grandma.  You are such a cool person.


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