Shining Inheritance Episode 18

The cuteness mounts.  Ahhh, I love Hwan and Eun Sung’s interactions.  So cute 🙂  ❤

I liked Lee Seung Gi’s acting in this episode because he cried, and although I don’t like other people crying because it usually makes me cry, especially given the situation it occurred in, I liked that it showed his emotional acting skills.

I wish they could’ve gotten a hug out of it though.  OH WELL I FEEL MORE COMING SOON.  Well…. hopefully. Dang seriously though, this drama has the slowest moving relationship/feelings developing I’ve ever seen in a drama.  Like seriously.  But I like it, it’s a nice change.  🙂  None of this kissing first episode as strangers and then slowly falling in love with each other business.

I like Jun Se because he’s so cute, as a person and also in looks, but I think at this point he needs to start backing out a bit.  Well not in terms of plot, but whatI think, because I felt bad for Hwan when he found out that what he thought he did was helped along by someone who he already didn’t like much.  Bae Soo Bin WHY ARE YOU SO ATTRACTIVE???  ❤

And next episode.  Intensity is building.  OMO.


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