Shining Inheritance Episode 2

This episode continued the sadness of the misunderstanding from episode 1.  That dad, letting himself be declared dead when in reality he is very much alive.

That stepmother.  Let me just get this out of my system.  SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO LIVE.  (Her character, that is, I’m sure the actress is a nice person— or at least nowhere near as terrible as the mom).  Seriously.  She puts on such a nice front, like when she was discussing life insurance with her hubby and she was like oh of course, if you died I would take care of all three!  They’re all my children (haha that’s the name of a soap opera right?  lol).  She is such a gold-digging psycho.  I hope she changes majorly throughout the drama, and as soon as possible.  Else…. I will be smacking a pillow and imagining that it is her.  UGH.

I really dislike Lee Seung Gi’s character right now.  He is actually a super jerk.  I think he’s the worst jerk I’ve ever seen in a drama thus far.  He better change fast too.

Bae Soo Bin is suchhhh a cutie!!! Even though he’s kinda old, like 35 or something, but still, he is verryyyyy attractive.  Hehehehe I think I’m gonna like his character, but I am feeling some heartbreak vibes coming…. :\

I cried so much when Eun Sung was going to commit suicide with Eun Woo.  I’m not sure why, because I usually don’t cry in dramas, but every time Han Hyo Joo cries, I start wanting to cry with her.  I tear up every time she cries, and this time, while they were standing on the high wall and she was telling Eun Woo that they would be able to see their mom and dad…. it really got to me.

I am liking this drama 🙂


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