Shining Inheritance Episode 27

YES.  GOD YES.  Everything is finally coming back to bite Seung Mi’s mom in the butt.  We all knew it was coming, probably from the first lie that lady told, but it’s so SATISFYING watching it play out.

All said and done though, the actress playing Seung Mi’s mom is pretty good.  I like how she is portraying someone who has been caught in an atrociously ridiculous act, because she half looks incredulous that she’s been caught, and half like she actually feels bad for everything she’s done to this point.

I actually don’t want her to die, because I feel like she may have had a bit of a point when she was talking with Eun Sung’s dad about her doing what she had to do, and that everyone’s own “no choice” situation is different.  I mean she was completely bat crap crazy about how she went about it, what with the intense scheming, but she did think (in the end) that she was doing it for Seung Mi’s sake.  But anywho, I don’t want her to die because I feel that kind of escape would be too easy for her.  Not to mention that she would be leaving her dear daughter.  I just don’t think she deserves committing suicide.

I really like this drama because it had such an intense plot, and romance kind of took a back seat to the other stuff.  It’s like a breath of nice fresh seaside air, watching a drama that doesn’t have romance as the main plot point.  I like how the love and the intenseness meshed together and worked out well.  🙂

Last episode!!!  I smell some loveeee ❤


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