Mary Stayed Out All Night: Thoughts on the First Episode

I think I am going to really like this drama.  Mae Ri is so cute!!!  And so is Moo Gyul.  they’re both so cute!  So I’m really saying that Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk are cute.  Their drunk scene was silly, but I liked it, especially when Moo Gyul gave the lettuce head to Mae Ri as a bouquet of flowers looking thing.

I really don’t like Mae Ri’s dad.  Exchanging his daughter for debt payment….  Jeesh.  And yet Mae Ri still loves him so much, like when she pretended he beat her when the debt collectors were at their door.

I think I would be fine if there was just an episode all about Mae Ri playing and being with Moo Gyul.  Because they are just SO GOOD TOGETHER.  AHHH.

I am very excited to continue watching this.  🙂


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