Dream High Episode 2

Ahhh, I like this Jin Gook kid.  He’s so cool!  And attractive.  Let’s not forget that last adjective.

I think after watching Hye Mi some more, that with the parents divorcing stuff, and then her mom dying and her dad having yet to even physically appear on the drama, she may have started out a nice girl and then changed into a ruder and less principled girl afterwards.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  😉

I don’t like the teachers very much because they all seem to be really mean to Kang Oh Hyuk, even though it looks like he’s trying his best, even if it is just because he needs to keep his paying job.

Song Sam Dong has such a cuteee face– after you dig it out from under his poofy almost fro-ish hair.

I liked the scene between Jin Gook and his roommate hyung, when they were saying that if the other could achieve their goal that they would dress up in miniskirts, each upping the stakes; it wasn’t the funniest of scenes in material, but I just thought the two of them looked so funny haha.

And again I say, Jin Gook (or is it Hyun Shi Hyuk at this point?) is such a cool guy.  Also, AWWWW!  It’s always super cute when people knew each other or met when they were little, and then run into each other again.  This also explains how, despite Jin Gook not going to the same school as Hye Mi, still recognizing her name and face.

That debt collector is SO WEIRD.  Him and his jazz music or w/e, strange.  And making Hye Mi dress up in such a cheap looking getup added to his oddness.

Lastly, SO CUTE!!!  Song Sam Dong starts liking Hye Mi as soon as he sees her, and taking her up to the stage with him– so cute!  I hope she doesn’t break, trample, rip up, and kill his heart </3

Let’s see the next episode!!!


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