Dream High: Thoughts on the First Episode

I think this drama is very very interesting.  First (but not most importantly) because they have lots of cameos by stars lined up, and they’ve already have Kim Hyun Joong cameo.  Also, the main characters that have appeared so far are all in their own respective k-pop groups, such as 2AM2PMT-ara, and Miss A.  I think that’s interesting because I do love me some k-pop groups 🙂

Anywhoo, the plot of the story so far is meh; girl has flake of a father who creates huge debt, debt leads to debt collectors chasing after girl, etcetcetc.  But I like that this drama is about artistic ability, even if it’s mostly about singing and dancing (asian b-boy, awwww yeeeeah) so far.  It’s different from the other usual, “Oh, I have to get into so and so uni because of blahblahblah something academic blah!”  I wish I could go to a school like Juilliard…. ahahaha IN MY DREAMS.  But wait!  This drama is called DREAM HIGH!  Lol ok I’m not quite sure what point I was trying to make there.

The guy who saved Hye Mi from the debt collectors the first time, I think his name is Jin Gook (spelling??), is a cool cat.  His looks notwithstanding, his character seems like a good guy under some bad boy cred and attitude.  And him giving his shoes to Hye Mi only to have them thrown back at him shows that a bit, although I’m sure there’s more to come.  Based on their little subway slip-catch scene, I guess there’s the possibility of them getting together, except I kind of don’t want the haughty Hye Mi to get together with Jin Gook, unless she has a serious attitude check.

I think that Go Hye Mi is kind of a little poopface because she is so horrible to Yoon Baek Hee, even though Baek Hee is so loyal to Hye Mi.  I kind of think Hye Mi deserves what happens….  And that test with mixing the two songs was quite clever.  I think Hye Mi’s only redeeming quality thus far is that she is protective of her little sister, which is always good in a person because it means that they are a person, not some heartless thing.

I think that the teacher had a good point in saying that Hye Mi was in the third-class students group of prejudiced people, because you can’t be a snob and just focus on what you think is superior because you think that you yourself are superior.  As my English teacher would say, cultural literacy!!!  Haha.

I think this drama is going to be quite intense, and it won’t be like those usual rom-com dramas that I’ve been watching so many of lately….


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