Dream High Episode 14

Poor Baek Hee 😦  I’m glad that at least she didn’t agree to it, the creep president advanced on her.  And I really like Teacher Shi; she’s really protective of Baek Hee, and she’s willing to see her through to the furthest she can.  I don’t think what I just said made sense, but I don’t know how to phrase it any other way, so yeah….

How can Jin Gook eat so dang much?  He’s like the epitome of a teenage guy, no matter how much he eats, he doesn’t put on any weight.  SO.  INCREDIBLY.  JEALOUS.  Ahem.  Anywhoo….

I was SO HAPPY when Jin Gook’s dad finally had a “I see the light!” moment and revealed that Jin Gook is his real son, and that he’s such a good child, and that he wouldn’t have hit the president without a good reason, so it’s the president who is at fault.  And I just have to say, what the heck was that creep doing petting Jin Gook’ head?!?!?!  Eesh.  Jin Gook and his father’s elevator scene was just so sweet.  I can’t get over it.  ❤

On a minor side note, I don’t really like Baek Hee’s long hair….  I think the short hair worked better for her, but that’s just me.  It might just be because she had short hair for twelve episodes, and then alluva sudden BAM some extensions.  Meh.

I’m really glad that Baek Hee and Hye Mi made up on their convo on the phone.  It was so sweet, and I started tearing up when Hye Mi was singing to Baek Hee.  The significance of the song especially, since that was the point at which their friendship (well, semblance of a friendship, I guess) broke off.

I’m glad that Baek Hee is just shaping up overall, settling things with Jin Gook and Hye Mi.  Well I suppose she and Hye Mi aren’t completely done yet with their making up, but they definitely made a big step, much more than those high fives in the past episodes.

I also and liking Teacher Shi much more now.  Teacher Kang really affected her, or maybe this was just a latent part of Teacher Shi.  Regardless, I am really happy; they are being what teachers really should be, and that is to help their students succeed as well as they can.

JASON AND PIL SUK ARE SO ADORABLE.  They’re each cute separately, and then when you put them together…. perfection.  ❤  🙂

When all six of the main characters were sitting at that table and talking about the auditions, it made my day.  Really, it did.  I was so happy, I paused the screen on it and just stared.  Teehee.

The part where Jin Gook imitated how Hye Mi was emotionless when she was saying her “I have a dream” thing or w/e, KILLED ME.  SO FUNNY.  OMO.

With Hye Seong, I feel like she was just kind of a holdingplace.  She wasn’t mentioned at all for like, the last eight or so episodes, and then suddenly she’s talking with Jin Gook.  Although she is such an adorable child, telling Jin Gook to lean in as if she’s gonna answer, and then just kissing his cheek.  I WISH I WAS YOU.  That is all on this matter.  Lol.

Wow.  Hye Mi’s dad just shows up in the second to last episode?  Wow.  Poopface.  I will not accept anything if this leads Hye Mi to being with neither Sam Dong nor Jin Gook.  But I don’t think the writer is stupid enough to do that, so.  Yeah.



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