Dream High: Closing Thoughts

I’m glad at the beginning of the episode they retraced the path of the “K” pendant, because some of the scenes of the pendant giving weren’t actually shown in past episodes, so this clarified things nicely 🙂

The kiss between Teacher Kang and Teacher Shi was SO CUTE!  And then without any time to recover, Teacher Shi whipped out her hair clip, and was like, wanna grab dinner?  SO CUTE.

I’m proud of Jin Gook for knowing that he can’t change Hye Mi’s heart, and just asking to be good friends.  🙂  If he can’t get the girl, then I at least want him to not be desperate about letting her go.

And wow.  I don’t know if I just missed this or if nobody knew, but Teacher Shi is that weird principal’s daughter?!?!?!  I was wondering why the principal was like freaking out when Teacher Shi and Teacher Kang hugged and then kissed…. ahaha.

Dang, EMG, you are quite clever, putting out that kind of first stage.  It’s kind of predictable, in a really unpredictable way though?

Wow.  I really liked that they showed where everyone was in 2018.  I like it so much that I kind of can’t describe it….

But dude seriously?  2018 Sam Dong is hot.

I think that the ending was very fitting, showing that everyone went their own way after their time as Dream High.  Baek Hee is a teacher at Kirin Arts Academy, adopting Teacher Shi’s thumbtack drill 🙂  Or should I say Art Director Shi?  Hehe.  Teacher Kang and Shi have their own happy ending, Ma Du Shik and Teacher Kang’s sister are happy too heehee.  Pil Suk is a daycare/kindergarten teacher?  Anywhoo, she is adorable, and has gained back some weight.  I’m glad that it turned out like this though because earlier she was telling Jason that she didn’t want to end up hating her old self that was 82 kilos.  So this puts her in between, and she is still very happy.  As for Jason… I actually don’t know what he is doing in the future….?  I couldn’t tell; maybe I missed it?  But I’m guessing that he’s together with Pil Suk.  ❤  I approve.  Jin Gook (I suppose it really is Shi Hyuk now though) is a star, a very popular one apparently, judging from the number of fans waiting for him in the airport.  I thought it was super adorable when Hye Seong kissed him on the cheek; it was so cuteee, especially since Jin Gook didn’t recognize her until she showed him her name tag.  The name tag, I would like to add, of Kirin Arts Academy.  🙂  Hye Mi ended up achieving her dream of being a vocal artist, and she was at her 100th concert, which is pretty intense.  I liked that she sang “Only Hope”, her special song with Sam Dong 🙂  And last but not least, Sam Dong, or shall we say “K”.  He is a ultra popular singer, having won in the EMG competition and going to America.  From country bumpkin to international Grammy-winning superstar.  Not bad, my chingu.

The ending of the show was very realistic in terms of the relationships.  It shows that Sam Dong’s life at the top as K is lonely, and so he can’t continue his relationship with Hye Mi (at least not now), and Hye Mi still remembers Sam Dong dearly.

I lovelovelove this drama.  It has tied/taken the place of (I can’t decide exactly which yet, but it is up there) Shining Inheritance as my favorite k-drama.


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