Black & White Episode 7

Ying Xiong is really dense.  Not because he “vented all his anger against San Lian Hui against Chen Lin”, but because he is talking to Xi Ying about it.  Seriously?  You don’t talk to someone who likes you about how you hurt another girl.  Wow.

It seems like Chen Zai Tian’s storyline with the girl, He Xiao Mei (played by Yu Hong Yuan, who was the lead girl in Love Buffet), has had a bit of a lag so far.  I wonder when they’ll get back to that?  Because it seemed interesting, what with his plastic surgery and all….

It made me laugh when Ying Xiong dropped Chen Lin’s cell phone into the trash can for Zai Tian to pick up.  Lol.

OMG Zai Tian is stuck in there!  I hope he gets out or he’s gonna be in for a whole world of intense HURT.  And I love how the camera cuts back to Ying Xiong sitting in the movie theatre having a good time….


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