Vanness Wu’s New Album. iTunes. Get It Now.

❤ Love.  Perfection.  Sigh.

Here’s a list of all the songs in his new album, C’est La “V”.  (so clever, right? 😉 )

1. Intro (haha…. just goin off iTunes, here)

2. Shuo Ai Jiu Ai – 说爱就爱

3. Is This All feat. Ryan Tedder (opening song of the Taiwanese drama Material Queen)

4. Do It feat. Vic Zhou (F4 Love (: )

5. Ming Ding – 命定

6. You Ni Zai – 有你在

7. Zhi Yao Ta Kuai Le – 只要她快乐

8. Ai De Shou Liu Dan – 爱的手榴弹

9. Ai Mei Zou – 爱没走

10. Ai Ya – 哎呀 (MV featuring his lovely Autumn’s Concerto co-star Ady An)

11. Tou. Ming. Ai – 透。明。爱

12. Knockin’ (written by the very American Bruno Mars!!!!)

I ❤ Vanness!!!!


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