Material Queen Episode 4

So this post was kind of a fail… basically I gave up on it.  But I don’t have the heart to completely delete it because when I was actually in the zone and working on it, I really did work.  So here’s what I had….

Material Queen Episode 4

The episode starts off with Lin Chu Man’s assistant Peter (haha such a funny guy, all his drama roles are hilarious) nagging her about wearing short sleeves in such cold weather, to which she responds that she’s hot one moment, cold the next, so how should she know?  He asks if she went to see a doctor, and follows up to inform Chu Man that although the casting is for an ad that talks about warmth, she will be filming in freezing cold water!

Chu Man does not look like she likes this news, and she follows Peter.  Then Sasha pops up from a couch and asks her how “Chu Man Jie” is here for the casting, since she’s been frozen by the company?  Chu Man follows up by saying she shouldn’t believe in groundless rumors, seeing as she is there for the casting.  Sasha is set off, so she tells Peter that he shouldn’t allow Chu Man to be here, and she should instead reflect on what she did in Paris.  While she is talking, Chu Man sees Sasha’s arm, and sees a point of attack.

Chu Man remarks that she doesn’t remember Sasha being so thin two days ago; she tells Sasha not to worry about her so much, and instead to put on some more layers of concealer to cover up the marks of her liposuction so that she won’t scare Yan Kai Ming.

The other two models that are always around Sasha and Chu Man are sitting on another couch, and they promptly start talking, saying no wonder Sasha kept turning down covers for the calendars, because she didn’t want them to see her full of her lipo scars.  Sasha is irked, telling them not to compare her to them.  She says that she worked hard to become the number one model, she didn’t sleep for it, clearly directing her comment at Chu Man, and stalks away.

Now we see Cai Jia Hao with Cameron, the buddy that got him the William Norman body double job and the one that was kicked out of his directing school in conjunction with Jia Hao getting kicked out of music school.  Jia Hao thanks Cameron for getting him the job as an assistant, and Cameron explains that being an assistant is very easy, it’s just being an all-purpose worker.  As Cameron continues describing what Jia Hao will be doing, we realize that, lo and behold, he is going to be working with the dry ice that will be put into the freezing water that the casting will be filming in.  Such coincidences.  They’re killing me.

Cameron and Jia Hao walk into the vicinity and Cameron spots the models lined up in their bathrobes, walking toward the pool.  He yells out a very funny “Spicy!”, when a worker yells at them from behind to get out of the way.  This draws the models’ attention to the two, and Jia Hao spots Chu Man in the lineup at about the same time she does.  The other models recognized him too, as the fake Norman.  Chu Man turns to hide behind Peter, and Jia Hao does the same with Cameron.

Chu Man and the other models leave, and Jia Hao tries to leave too, but Cameron stops him and reminds him that the whole reason why Jia Hao is here to work instead of being in Paris learning music is because of that woman.  Cameron says that he will help Jia Hao solve the problem with her.

Cameron is introducing the task to the models, telling them that they must see how they look on camera, seeing if they can give the feeling of being in a hot spring when they are really in freezing cold water.  (Apparently the ad is all about correlating the warmth of the luxury apartments with being in a hot spring…. I’m not seeing it yet).

They start shooting, and we see all the models except Chu Man frolicking around in the tub, with the dry ice making the bath look like it’s steaming.  Then it’s Chu Man’s turn.  She gets into the water and makes it look like it’s warm.  (I wonder, when they were shooting this scene, if they actually used warm water, or if they actually did what the scene was doing, using dry ice?  If so, then props to the actresses, really.  I can’t imagine being in freezing water, even for a short amount of time, so having to film in it?  Intense.)  The director gets a phone call when Chu Man is almost done, and he gets up to leave, telling Cameron to stop the camera after 30 more seconds.  Cameron thinks to himself, it looks freezing, so let’s just see how long you can persevere.  I like Cameron for being such a good friend to Jia Hao, but I don’t like where this is going….

One of the other models asks Peter why Chu Man is filming so long, and he says he doesn’t know, but it’s not good because she caught a bad cold, so this will only make it worse.  Jia Hao, who is working with putting the dry ice into the water, overhears, and speedwalks over to Peter, asking him how he could let Chu Man do this when she’s sick?  Peter tells him that this is what Chu Man wanted, that she is most afraid of failure, and that even if she lost her life, she would be okay with it.

Jia Hao goes over to Cameron and asks him why he’s making her shoot so long, and he replies that she ruined his Paris violin schooling, so of course he has to find a way to make her pay.  Jia Hao tells him that this way won’t work because it would be threatening her life.  Cameron relents and yells cut, but Chu Man is still in the water, trying to model, and Jia Hao jumps in, telling her that the director said cut.  Chu Man tries to keep going, saying that as long as the light on the camera is still on, she has to maintain her perfect model demeanor, and that this is the most basic work ethic that a model should have.  Jia Hao pulls her up nevertheless, and Peter comes over to put a blanket on her.  She has fallen unconscious, however, so an ambulance is called.

The scene is changed to a golf course, and see Kai Ming’s assistant telling Kai Ming that the model has been picked for their Yi Pin Ge luxury apartments, and it will be Sasha, saying she fulfills all the requirements.  (His accent is funny, but it’s not too bad, definitely not the worst I’ve ever heard).  He also mentions that a model who wasn’t feeling well forced herself to film, and so she fainted.  He says that it was the Lin Chu Man who they bumped into earlier in the elevator.  At this, Kai Ming, who has been golfing, stops and turns his full attention to the assistant.  The assistant looks a bit unnerved by the sudden attention and reassures Kai Ming that sympathy has been expressed, and all news has been blocked as well.  He asks how her performance went, and the assistant replies in Chinglish (I love it :D) that her modeling was actually quite good, and the director was pleased as well, but because of the Paris incident gossip, she was not hired.

The next scene, we see Yan Kai Ming’s cold exterior come out.  He meets Section Chief Jin, and says that he must really be busy if he doesn’t even have the time to report back on the reconstruction efforts in Chao Nan Supermarket.  The poor guy responds that with his regular job as a government worker, he also has to put in a lot of effort, and the Chao Nan Supermarket deal is also very difficult.  Kai Ming then says indirectly that he will break off their working agreement, which will lead Section Chief Jin’s kid to be unable to go to his current (presumably expensive) school.

Peter is looking out of Chu Man’s window back at Jia Hao’s place, viewing the chickens in disdain.  He is displeased with Chu Man’s living conditions, and is grossed out by the fact that her room used to be a chicken coop.  Lol.  Jia Hao wonders out loud if they should call Chu Man’s family, and Peter unthinkingly says that she is an orphan.  Jia Hao flashes back to Paris when Chu Man is telling him that she has always known what she wanted, and realizes that what she was saying was true.  Peter tells him that if he tells Chu Man that it was Peter who told him, then he is dead.  He also leaves Chu Man with Jia Hao because he has to do other work.

Jia Hao fixes the blankets covering Chu Man and watches over her, which just makes me sigh in contentment.  I like Vanness Wu as this cute kid, and it’s quite different from Ren Guang Xi in Autumn’s Concerto.

The next morning Chu Man awakens to the smell of Chinese medicine boiling in her room.  She sees Jia Hao’s sister and the bra-selling lady sleeping sitting up on the floor of her room, and then she sees a boiling kettle right next to her prized bags, getting steamed on.  She jumps out of bed yelling about them, and Jia Hao comes running in.


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