More Material Queen OST!

So I hadn’t watched Material Queen in a while, and I don’t really feel like commenting on plot, so I’ll just talk about the OST.

The OST is really using a lot of the songs from Vanness Wu‘s new album C’est La “V”.  Well, okay, maybe you might not think it’s a lot, but there’s Is This All as the theme song, they used 有你在, and then in episode 7 with the fashion show they played Knockin’!  I, personally, was very excited when they played that Knockin’ because it is one of my favorites from Vanness’s album.

So I’ve already written individual posts for all of the songs that I mentioned, and they all have lyrics with them, but here they are again just in case:



Is This All


4 thoughts on “More Material Queen OST!

    • lalaladdy says:

      I’m sorry! I don’t know what the song is; actually, I feel like the Material Queen OST that doesn’t include Vanness’s songs really haven’t been made public, i.e. no one knows the names, singers, etc. If I find out, though, I’ll make sure to post it though!

  1. judyOTH says:

    Thank you.. yeah I noticed too. I´ve asked everywhere and no one knows. Hope we get to know what that song is called. I need it in my life it´s so beautiful. Thank you again for responding. 🙂

  2. Alyss says:

    I’m trying to find the song in the middle of ep. 1 part 3.
    It’s a cut in between right when you see Vaness walk into the picture.
    The song is very high beat and uppity.
    I was wondering if you knew or by chance heard of the song?
    Thanks a bunch! =)

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