Bu Bu Jing Xin

So there’s this show I’m watching.  Even though it’s junior year.  And my usual bedtime is 1:30am.  Why am I doing this?  Because this drama is worth it.  Oh man.  So even though sometimes the acting feels kinda forced/fake cute, the good parts are like, SO GOOD.

This is actually the first ever period piece that I’ve watched voluntarily.  I’ve seen fragments of piece dramas on TV when my parents were watching on CCTV (gotta love Chinese TV in America, the only channel we get <3).  And I have to say it’s quite a change from the modern rom-coms that we have so much of.  I like it a lot.  THE PRINCES ARE SO ATTRACTIVE.  Hehe I think 14th prince looks like Orlando Bloom, and I heart me some Orlando Bloom.

So YEAH.  You should watch this.  Even though I can’t find a completely subbed source.  Like the last two episodes and all the rest I’m going to watch will probably be unsubbed because people are being slow and not subbing them.  Sooo I’m improving my Chinese too 🙂  At least that’s my logic and comfort for when I get atrocious grades this quarter.


One thought on “Bu Bu Jing Xin

  1. Vanessa says:

    OMG I just discovered this blog and also did the EXACT same thing for BBJX even though it’s junior year =.= oh goodness….I should really stop trying to catch up to the BBJX bandwagon. I hear there’s a sequel so I dearly hope it’s the same cast. 🙂

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