Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 31

Oh my god.  So I wasn’t really planning on writing any posts about the individual episodes of Bu Bu Jing Xin because I was thinking that since school is like in session and all, and there’s kind of a lot of episodes, I was like meh I won’t have time.  But this is a three-day weekend (thank you, Christopher Columbus, High Admiral of the seas), and this episode was just so……holy crap man.

Clearly, if you haven’t watched this episode yet, then don’t freaking read on.  You’re just ruining it for yourself.  Anyways.

So my source for these episodes doesn’t have any subs up, so I am sadly trying to get by with my kind of okay knowledge of Chinese right now.  So when Cheng Huan (such a cutiee <3) came in and was telling Ruo Xi that they were “zheng”-ing someone, I was like ok, no idea what that is, but it probably isn’t important.  Then Ruo Xi kept asking her about it, trying to clarify what it was.  And then she realized what it was, and I looked at the Chinese character subtitles and typed the pinyin into Google Translate.  And then the scene continued on, and I was like what the heck this cannot be happening.  I WAS SO SAD.  That scene was horrifying.  Even though the throwup from the servants was obviously fake and kind of funny (despite the gravity of the situation), you could clearly tell that there was a person in the burning thing.  And then Ruo Xi is asking the eunuch who’s trying to restrain her who it is, and then we see the face, and it’s like oh.my.god.  Especially seeing Yutan’s face like, just in the crack, her eyes unblinking.

AND THEN.  Ruo Xi is pregnant??  SAY WHAT??!?  (Also, this drama’s time skips are really subtle, like I usually can’t tell unless the characters actually bring it up; but in this case I guess the emperor getting a stache is the sign that some time has passed.  And I guess the fact that some kid is calling him dad…. but psh, definitely more the first reason).

But then, she finds out that it is in fact HER and her actions that have caused all of the suffering, like Thirteenth prince being put under house arrest for 10 years.  And she has a miscarriage, and life gets downright horrible for the eighth prince’s people.  I am sitting here almost afraid to go on in the series….

On a lighter note, I’m glad they brought back Qiao Hui.  I liked her when she was serving Ruo Xi in the beginning episodes, and she’s back now, so yeah…

Also, a comment on an earlier episode that is related to Qiao Hui; I can’t believe Ruo Lan died 😦  The tragedy really just starts coming at you in this drama.  Oh man….

So while I can’t say that I’m excited for the next few episodes, because you can pretty much tell that they’re gonna bring on a world of hurt, I am so ready to watch them because this drama’s plot and characters, and directing and music is SO GOOD.  SJD:LSKJFKJ


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