Bu Bu Jing Xin – What Happened to Yutan?

So this is kind of a random post, but judging from the number of searches that went something like “what happened to yutan??” that led to my blog, I’m just gonna write a (hopefully) clarifying post.

So.  We saw that Yutan was in the steaming thing.  And so we all obviously wonder WHY IN THE WORLDDDD???!?!

Basically, Yutan was put in place at the palace by the 9th prince.  Remember, way back when, when episodes were slightly less depressive, and it showed us Yutan’s backstory, about how she was on the streets trying to get money from people so that her family could survive, and then there was that guy in the carriage whose face we couldn’t see, only the rings on his fingers?  Well, turns out that that guy was 9th prince!

Through a series of the 9th prince’s flashbacks, we see that he took care of her, and he taught her how to read and write, and they loved each other, and awwwww (even though 9th prince always manages to creep me out, especially after that incident with his gang and Lu Wu).  But yeah.  So the 9th prince had put her into the palace in order to spy on 4th prince (or emperor now I guess).  Yutan was killed because although 4th prince had warned her before already, she continued to transfer information.  And so, 4th prince killed her.

Now this leads to the question: was Yutan ever really being sincere with Ruo Xi, or was she just playing the part and trying to stay close to Ruo Xi so that if things were ever to get bad, she wouldn’t be hit too hard?  I think that Yutan really did think of Ruo Xi as a sister; she took the time to write Ruo Xi a note and explain things (sort of) to her.  If she didn’t at least hold a little importance to Ruo Xi, then I don’t think she would have taken that time, you know?

I felt so bad for Ruo Xi though, her confidante, and someone she considered a younger sister was just taken from her.  And in such a horrible, gruesome way, too.

I watched the episode that this occurred in (31) without English subs, so I was going on my Chinese listening skills and reading the subtitles.  I obviously did not know it all.

So, if I have completely misinterpreted the story behind Yutan’s death, then please don’t hesitate to comment and correct me!  I don’t want to be spreading around misinformation or anything.  And if I didn’t explain the whole thing, then go ahead and comment clearing things up more.  🙂


One thought on “Bu Bu Jing Xin – What Happened to Yutan?

  1. mystiqurez says:

    I think you can perceive Yutan in many ways. She appears to be purely sincere and caring towards Ruo Xi, but one cannot deny the benefits she would get if she continued to befriend her. Keeping in mind that from the start of their friendship, Yutan had already hid many things from Ruo Xi, like knowing literature.

    Again, the letter can be perceived at two angles. First, would be your perception of her truely caring for Ruo Xi hence, she took the time to write her a letter to explain her actions. Second, we know that she loves 9th prince and would do anything for him even til death. Maybe she knew that by taking the time to write that letter could alienate Ruo Xi and 4th Prince, this would benefit 9th Prince somehow.

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