EXO Teaser 12 – Two Moons feat. SHINee Key

***the full version of this song has been released on the MAMA mini album.  Here are the lyrics for the full song.  (no “roll like a buffalo” tho so sad)

Out of all the teasers, I think this one has been my favorite.  The vocal part has been substantially longer than most of the other teasers (other than like, My Lady, but yeah).  And the rapping is so cool sounding, I mean really, rolling like a buffalo?  Awesome.  Oh and SHINee‘s Key is rapping in it and he sounds super hot and good lord I’ve never heard him rap like this before.  Like actually, his voice sounds so deep and awesome in this song, I am SO EXCITED for them to release the full song after EXO debuts.

I really hope they do lots of SHINee and EXO crossovers since Taemin is so chummy with Kai and Lu Han and Se Hun too, from what I saw from the W Live photoshoot… SM Entertainment, don’t let me down!  Lol.

So anywhoo, this Youtube video has nicely put both the Korean and Chinese versions into one video, so I don’t have to paste two links!

I guess I’ll translate the Chinese lyrics too since the video description has the romanization and characters/pinyin.  Beware, though; all my translations are probably not 100% accurate, but this one more so than others because I’m not exactly sure what they’re talking (lol more like rapping) about.  Like with the Bu Bu Jing Xin songs, basically love, pain, sadness, tragedy, GOTCHA.  But this one… it could go a few ways.  Also, Chinese has SO MANY DANG HOMOPHONES.  It’s actually ridiculous.  Also, Chinese is really reliant on having words with same pronunciation but different tones, and in songs the tones kind of go away, so…. extra challenge!  I know Korean has words that sound really similar, but I don’t think it’s to the extent of Chinese, so don’t hold me to this if any of the characters that I used to translate, or the translation itself, is wrong.  Because I’m pretty sure the video description has some of the wrong characters, so I translated according to what I think I heard.  When EXO debuts and releases this song, hopefully they’ll release lyrics too?  Or like a KTV/noraebang thing?  Haha.

Also, since I’m not Korean, I will wait for someone else to translate the Korean version and then edit this post 🙂  Or, you know, if someone who’s reading this is semi-fluent in Korean, you can help me out too haha.



Everybody now behold, something you ain’t seen before

It’s going down, yes tonight is what you waited for

Roll like a buffalo, whoops they already know

I hope you notice it cuz it’s too cool to ignore

Get it up, get it up

I’m already ready to shake your hand

Those people who don’t understand are always thinking of way to shut up my mouth

They just aren’t used to it yet, I won’t give you anymore precise answers

For the may, I guess now we just wait here

Welcome this night


Selected VIP

Wouldn’t it be mind-blowingly awesome

Now we gotta rock rock rock it

Just gotta keep your seat belt fastened


There’s gonna be two moons tonight


You’re not gonna shoulda with this and coulda with that

Cuz you’re never coming back to this track

See the two full moons you’re the chosen knight (night?)

Goes back with news cause he got no time


There’s gonna be two moons tonight

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