SHINee to Make Their Comeback on March 21!!!


For real, I sat here flailing my arms and hyperventilating for a good 5 minutes straight.  And now I’m just sitting here whimpering and wanting March 21 to get here RIGHT NOWWW.  Also, just as a side note, their mini-album is coming out on the 21, and the Hunger Games movie is coming out on the 23.  What is life.  AJKDSF;ALKSFJA;LSKDFJALFJALSKDJF

The name of their mini-album is Sherlock, and it’s supposedly going to feature a variety of really good songs that will showcase each of the members’ talents.  I am so freaking excited asjdfkla;skdfjas;ldkfj ohmygod.

Lol a side note, Minho looks rather strange in his teaser picture.  I have to say, I am not really feeling the whole “French boy” thing….  His hair looks a bit like Goo Joon Pyo’s from Boys Over Flowers.  Also, lots of people were saying like omg where are his abs?  I am not gonna immediately be like omg, cuz like he’s lying down in the picture, maybe abs disappear when you lay down idk lol.  But yeah, maybe the people put on makeup to make the tone look like he didn’t have any.  Who knows?  But yeah.  I am SO EXCITED for the rest of the teasers.

Here’s the link from allkpop because my coherency stops here.  So much for getting homework done tonight…. lol I won’t be able to rest until they come out with Onew’s picture lalalala…

Lol jk I’m still coherent enough to squeeze out some remarks about EXO!

What does this mean for EXO’s debut?  They’re having those press conferences on March 31 and April 1, and I doubt SM would want their own artists competing with each other on music shows, so assuming the Sherlock promotions last like at least 2-3 weeks (idk I don’t really follow all the music stages and like the life span of promotions for a song), then that would put EXO like…. mid-April?  Whatttt?  Lol I think SM got a bit ahead of themselves with EXO, I think instead of releasing the first teaser in like December they should have done it in mid-January or early February or something.  But that’s okay.  Their second prologue single should tide us over for a least a little while…..



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