EXO Teaser 21 – Baby Don’t Cry


I love love loveeeeeee this song.  The Chinese version is like omg what is this madness so gooood.  This and Two Moons are tied for my favorite songs, which is funny since they’re kinda like opposite ends of the musical spectrum haha.  Soooo even though I have lots of homework and my grades are slipping as I type, I’m gonna translate the song!  I feel like the lyrics that I hear are gonna be off since, like I said in the Two Moons post, Chinese has lots of homophones that could all work in certain situations.  So if it’s wrong then don’t eat me!

The lyrics are about the Little Mermaid.  In the original version by Hans Christian Anderson (What?!?  The Disney one’s not the original??!?  Lol. No.), the Little Mermaid must stab the prince in order to become a mermaid again; if she doesn’t, then she will turn into foam.  However, when she goes to stab him while he’s sleeping, she can’t bring herself to do it, and subsequently turns into sea foam.  But!  This is a fairy tale, after all (OMG in What Is Love they said something about a “happily ever after” I see a pattern….), and so instead of being washed away by the rest of the sea, she becomes an air spirit/fairy.  Yay!

So in the song, our lovely EXO boys are the prince, and he is telling her to just kill him, because he will not allow her to turn into foam and die.










Baby don’t cry tonight


Baby don’t cry tonight




So baby don’t cry, cry



Ni jiu bie zai you yu le hao ma

Jiu jin na zhu wo de xin zang

Ai shi yi dao hen ci yan de guang mang

Lin lie de yue guang, ba yan jing guan shang

Ru guo bu shi wo shi bie de nan ren

Ru guo zhe shi xi ju li mian de yi ju hua

Shao gan le jiu ba

Wo hui he ni de ai jiao huan shang hen

Baby don’t cry tonight

Dang hei ye zai ci liang qi lai

Baby don’t cry tonight

Jiu dang zuo mei fa sheng guo yi yang

Ni yong yuan dou bu hui hua shang xiang pao mo yi yang

Nan dao ni bu zhi dao ma

So baby don’t cry, cry

Wo de ai shou hu ni bu fang kai


Just stop hesitating, okay?

Just tightly take a hold of my heart

Love is a dazzling ray of light

The cold moonlight, close your eyes

If it’s not me, it’s another man

If this is a line from a drama

Dry out the bar

I’ll exchange your love with pain

Baby don’t cry tonight

When the dark night lights up again

Baby don’t cry tonight

Just pretend that it didn’t happen

You will never turn into sea foam

Did you not know?

So baby don’t cry, cry

My love will protect you and will not let you go

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12 thoughts on “EXO Teaser 21 – Baby Don’t Cry

  1. 7samira7 says:

    OK, i just spent a good 3 hours really trying to nail the translations of these teasers too hehe. To the extent i made my room-mates read and re-read every line. So you’re totally awesome for doing something similar. Putting that aside, the reason for me commenting is because i could not help but be struck by your insight into the meaning behind the songs. I’m from Denmark and i adore Hans Christian Andersen, so I’m over the moon that you too picked up on the subject matter. *high-fives you from England* for that. For a second there i thought i was going mad when i noticed the reference. Glad others too know and appreciate it. ^^

    P.S The original story is indisputably better than the one concocted by Disney. =]

    ~Samira ^^

    • lalaladdy says:

      ahahah yeah it took a while to do them ahaha.. ohhh actually I didn’t notice it myself, I read somewhere on tumblr that it was based on the little mermaid, and I thought I would just share it…. but that means someone else somewhere on the Internet had the same insight as you! 🙂
      and haha I have to agree the original is much more meaningful and touching, although the singing helps the Disney one hehe 🙂

      • 7samira7 says:

        The singing most definitely does help the Disney one, i’d have to agree too. hehe. Well thank you for sharing it with everyone hon. It means more and more people are getting to know about it. ^^

        Oh, this may seem a bit weird, but do you have a favourite EXO member currently? ^^

      • lalaladdy says:

        ahahaha dwbi not a weird question at all! but lol i kind of do, but then every time i think i can solidify my choice, like every single other member does something to shake me and then i have to go back to square one lol. but for now the ones at the top are luhan, kai, chen, xiumin, DO, and suho…. lol and that’s half of them hahahaha. how about you?

  2. 7samira7 says:

    I know what you mean. I’m having the same problem. My top ones are Tao, Lay, Luhan, DO, Suho, omg, at this pace i’ll be stating all of their names. I suppose that’s a good problem to have hehe.

    I was really shocked to discover how close Luhan & Sehun have become. They’re so comfortable with each-other, disregarding the language-barrier. It’s so lovely to see. ^^

  3. supernyiur says:

    The fact that this song is related to the mermaid story — and you figure it out, is reallyy awesoomee ! :DD
    The more I understand each EXO’ song meaning — it actually gives me goosebumps. SM seriously prepare the concept this group .. And it’s cheongmal daebak! O.O

    • lalaladdy says:

      ikr! such intense meanings…. altho i didn’t figure it out myself! i was scrolling through tumblr and someone from like weibo or something had figured it out…
      but i agree, seriously so cool! 🙂

  4. supernyiur says:

    The fact that you found out that this song is related to the mermaid’s story — it’s reaallyy awesoommee.! 😀
    The more I understand each EXO’ song meaning — the more it gives me goosebumps. SM seriously prepare the concept for this group.. Cheongmal daebak! :))

  5. gebi says:

    so good, so this is about little mermaid. Gee, somehow there’s things about fairytale.
    This one is so good, i’ve just known that there’s an original ver of little mermaid. Luph you hans christian andersen!
    And one thing, thankz a lot for sharing this.

  6. Aiya Kadi says:

    aghhhh! Thank you so much~~~! I have been freaking out over this song for months now!!!
    Yet, Sm is yet to release the full version…and I am stuck listening to just 1/3 of the song… I am left here puzzled and soaked in my tears of happiness…I am satisfied ._. my feels! BABYYY DON’T CRY TONIGHT!!! EXO FIGHTINGGG

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