SHINee Sherlock Mini-Album: My Thoughts

So.  I’m just gonna give my thoughts on all of this lovelyyyy SHINee stuff.  Read it if you want haha.  I’ll talk about each song and then wrap up.  Might talk about their concept/MV teaser too!  Lol I just really need something to take me away from the mound of homework that I have yet to even touch….

1. Sherlock (Clue+Note)

I’m so curiousss yeahhh~~!  Hahahaha sooo catchy, I’ve been singing it over and over again since they first released the audio teaser haha.  I didn’t think that the “SHINee is back” whispers would be part of a song, but here they are!  YAY.  hahaha.  The beginning of the song is actually like so suspenseful lol it was interesting.  TAEMIN.  He has so many singing parts!!!  Although I’m not a Taemint, I’m really excited that he’s singing more!  Because I freak out every time I watch his Immortal Song 2 performances haha….  Anyways, this song, I haven’t listened to Clue or Note yet, so I guess I won’t talk about the meshingness….  But yeah, I really like the back beats and stuff because they sound SO COOL.  Like some of them add a nice contrast, and then others work really well, and like, it just sounds so AWESOME.  Also they have this sound of like glass breaking or something several times throughout the song, totally cool 🙂 Lol the rap at the end, where they start talking about SHINee (well actually they could be talking about it in the earlier parts too, but I can’t really understand anything but the English part, so yeah..) it was interesting haha; “Tonight!  SHINee’s in the house! … so give it up give it up give it up for SHINee!!!” lol.  But Key has some long notes at the end!  I approve!

I’m really excited to see the full MV ehehehe….  I like this song.  The harmonization during the chorus is soooo nice and reminds me of Love Like Oxygen, in a veryy good way 🙂

2. Clue

So the beginning of Sherlock comes from this song.  Some of the background songs really give off this like Sherlocky feeling, Sherlock as in like the detective, idk it makes it sound mysterious and exciting and ahhhhhh ajs;lskjf.  🙂  So from what SM released earlier, this is supposed to be like the reasoning and hard evidence aspect of solving a crime right?  And Note is the emotional part?  Or did I mix that up?  Lol anyways, it’s interesting.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the part in the middle ish where Minho starts like whispering so low it’s just like aahhhh and then he like crescendos!  That was SO COOL.  It is my favorite part of the song definitely.

3. Note

Lol the intro of the song kind of made me crack up lol like the very first beats, like it sounded like at a circus or something the ringmaster (also I thought I heard a lion roar in the background…. am I crazy or was it actually there lol).  And then the voice!  Saying “Ladies and gentleman may I introduce, SHINee!!!”  I can’t tell whose voice it is!!!  Is it Taemin’s??  If it is, then his English accent (at least for that phrase) improved a bunch!  🙂  And Key’s rap right after that is totally awesome.  The chorus from Sherlock is taken from this song, and I totallyyyy love ittt!  Especially the last part of the chorus, when they have that one voice that harmonizes with the rest of the chorus ajs;lfaksdf.  Also the rap sounds really cool, and I like the little underbeats that sound kinda techno/electronic.  It’s really nice contrast!

4. Alarm Clock

Ohmygoodness can I just say that the little trill in the backbeat is AMAZING?  It makes the whole song sound so lilted and gives the impression (at least for me haha) that we’re in some kind of messed up dream world!  And the tambourine or w/e beat is so sickkk hehe.  Also, the first part that Taemin sings, good gracious his voice goes so low!  I feel like Key may also have gotten a few more singing parts, which is nice because his voice really is quite unique.  And I’m not gonna look up the translation for these lyrics, but Jonghyun wrote them, if anyone didn’t know (lol although you would have to have been like sleeping for the entire week previous to today to not know lol).  And Minho also wrote the rap, but I didn’t hear a whole lot of rapping, which I’m kind of glad for because I feel like this song didn’t really need a rap to complete it.

5. The Reason

The intro.  Guitar chords.  Onew’s voice.  Jonghyun’s voice.  Taemin’s voice.  Key’s voice.  Oh god.  So beautiful.  This song for some reason reminds me of a movie soundtrack song, not sure why…  Again, the background sounds for this song are really interesting, throughout it you can hear this kind of buzz that sounds like a dentist’s drill, but in a good way that doesn’t make you want to run away in fear lol.  Also I HEARD MINHO SINGING it sounded so nice!  I always feel kinda bad for Minho since he doesn’t really sing much…  And ahh, those ad-libs by Onew, pure heaven (lol sorry I’m an MVP; I’m sure Jonghyun’s, and Key’s and Taemin’s if they have them, are just as nice, but Onew’s voice just….mmm sigh).  The electric guitar notes that are played at like the end, and then I think in another part of the song, are what makes it sound like a movie soundtrack song to me…

6. Stranger

I actually didn’t listen to their Japanese version of Stranger many times, so I can’t really do much for comparing them….  But I really like the melody of this song!  It’s so like, unique, and not conventionally lyrical/melodical.  And that bass part, oh man so good.  Hehe I love the line “Can’t get you out of my head, neol wonhae” haha maybe because that was the only part I heard from the audio teaser.  And OMG that one part in the middle right before Onew sings the bridge, it sounds so dubstep-ish haha but in a good way.  I like it, it adds to the quirkiness of this song.

7. Honesty

So.  This is the song that Jonghyun wrote for Shawols to express SHINee’s gratitude for always being there to support them, even through that year and a half hiatus.  Well.  Can I just say.  CRY.  This song was so beautiful.  I actually got shivers when Key started singing, which I TOTALLY did not expect, because I am not a locket, and I didn’t think I was going to get shivers from listening to a song haha.  Also the second verse that Key sings, he sang such a high note!  I’m proud, cuz it was really impressive 🙂  Onew’s voice really suits this song because it’s sooo soft, ahh I got tingly again.  And Minho-yah!  I hear his voice!  And TAEMIN-AH!  He got some high notes too!  The way he sang them was definitely his own way, like it wasn’t in a way that Jonghyun or Onew would sing them.  Lol okay I actually started crying towards the end, right before Minho’s rap started, then I was sitting here thinking lol why did this song need a rap…. but yeah ok this is the first song to have ever made me tear.  Jeez…..

Ok.  So.  I cannot pick my favorite song.  Haha.  I really liked Sherlock (and I guess that automatically means I liked Clue and Note too), and I reallyyy liked Honesty since it like made me tear up haha.  I WISH I HAD MONEY ON ITUNES.  But yeah.  The main things that I took away from this mini-album are that the backtracks and the beats are sooooo good this time, with all the interesting little sounds here and there that complement the song really nicely.  Also, that Taemin has improved mountains and rivers in vocal ability, and he’s getting really nice parts (like in Honesty; aaahhhh so good).  And Key I think is rapping a bit more, but also singing more, which is nice 🙂

TL;DR?  Basically, SHINee is amazing.  Living in the SHINee World is totally amazing.  This comeback is going to be awesome.  As my first SHINee comeback, and as my first ever K-pop group comeback, it is going really nicely, and I am DYING in wait for the full MV and their first comeback stage.

And for anyone who read this all the way through, thank you very much!  🙂


2 thoughts on “SHINee Sherlock Mini-Album: My Thoughts

  1. Candace says:

    Haha I totally am procrastinating on studying for finals and completely read that whole thing through. I originally found your post because I was wondering if any other Shawols out there noticed how ridiculously much Taemin’s voice had improved in this album. Like the first time I heard him singing on a song, I didn’t even realize it was him hahahah I just subconciously thought it was one of the other members singing in a little different way….NOPE. Aw, glad someone else recognized it too, our little jailbait maknae is finally legal and a real man like his hyungs ^^. I feel like they have all improved on their vocals, they sound much more mature and polished on their pitches and stuff. I also agree with you liking that Key and everyone is getting more of a chance to sing, not that I don’t absolutely adore Onew and Jonghyun’s vocals 🙂 The songs sound so much more even-paced and flow well. I can’t wait to see what their dance moves look like for these songs, and if those have evolved too! (although they were already pretty darn good to begin with…I only dream of being able to dance like that 0.o)

    Also, I cried at the end of Honesty too. Thought I was crazy lol.

    • lalaladdy says:

      omggg wait thank you so much for commenting! lol when I wrote this I was like ehhhh I don’t think anyone will read this but I really wanna write down my thoughts so might as wellll.
      but yes! Taeminnn ahhh haha. And I can’t wait to see their dance! Lol cuz like after the MV teaser, I couldn’t help but like laugh a little at their little arm swinging jumping running thing lol. But as of now the Mnet Countdown show for today has already been recorded, and some fanaccounts (although I’m always a bit wary of them..) were like OMG DANCE WAS SO GOOD AJKFLF. so I’M EXCITEDDD 😀
      ahahaha I wish I could dance like them too…
      and lol dwbi it was an emotional song, no? Although I will admit like a month ago I would have laughed at anyone crying over a song lol.
      lalala anywayss, thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

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