SHINee’s Mini-Album Sherlock Achieves An All-Kill!

Ahhh, my heart.  It can’t take this happiness.

After a year and 6 month hiatus, SHINee’s new mini-album Sherlock was released today.  And it has now achieved an all-kill on all major Korean music sites, including Melon, Soribada, and Naver.  HOORAY 😀  I am sooo happy for them ahhhhh.

I’ve only been a shawol since like last December, so did this happen with Lucifer too?  Or is this their first?

Anyways, not only did their title track Sherlock (Clue+Note) rank in the all-kill, but all seven of the songs on their mini-album have taken the places 1 through 7 on some of these sites.  Now that, my chingus, is quite an achievement, I think.

I am SO EXCITED for the MV, and I am SOOO ready for their first and subsequent comeback stages!  I will be failing all my tests this week!  Yayyy!!!!

Anyways, here’s an article from KoreaBoo:


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