EXO-M ‘XOXO (Hug&Kiss)’ Highlight Medley – English Lyrics


full songs now translated!

Baby Don’t Cry          My Lady          3, 6, 5          Black Pearl          Let Out the Beast

Heart Attack          Don’t Go          Peter Pan          Baby



….Or at least as much of them as I can interpret lol.

Basically Chen and Xiumin’s accents make it hard to know what they’re saying, but it’s improved from last album ^^

Regardless, here are what I could get from the medley by ear, and the translations.   I’ll format the lines I’m sure about normally and italicize the rest, so believe at your own discretion lol.

*btw i’ll be retranslating once the album comes out and they have the official lyrics*

((My fave is Heart Attack, it sounds so good asjdkfa;lskdjf also Don’t Go, and of course Baby Don’t Cry and My Lady))


[all] Heyyy, don’t bother me

Tell me she’s a thread stop compromising

Baby Don’t Cry

[Chen] …See the most outstanding me

[all] Baby don’t cry tonight [Chen] Cry

When the dark night no longer lights up

Black Pearl

[all] …were here

____ still come

____ pull  my heart

[Chen] My beautiful black pearl, yeah

Don’t Go

[all] Please don’t go, yeah

[Luhan] I’ll forever carry around this place that might have you

Let Out the Beast

[Xiumin] ______

[all] Let out the beast

[Xiumin] ______

[all] Let out the beast

[Xiumin] This hand

[Chen] I will show it to my…


[all] Wo-o-woah oh wo-o-woah


[Kris] Holding your hand

[all] Wo-o-woah oh wo-o-woah


Heart Attack

[Luhan] …lose you because you are my Bell

Like a constantly shining flashlight

[Chen] ______

I’ve been ___ by your shining ____ flashback

Peter Pan

[all] …I’m still here

I will forever be your Peter Pan


[all] You are my baby baby baby

Baby baby baby

[Luhan]I can’t stop…

My Lady

[Chen] When I looked at you, don’t lie

I honestly thought it’s gonna be easy

___ feel a sweet harmony

[Luhan] Don’t be too late


[Tao&Xiumin(?)] I’m a wolf, it’s a wolf AWOOOO

uh saranghaeyo

You’re a beauty, I’m a wolf



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