Once Upon A Time OST Song – Na Ying (那英) ‘Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Cherry Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花)’ – Link to English Translation, Pinyin Lyrics, and Chinese Lyrics

I finally watched Once Upon A Time, the movie version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Cherry Blossoms…  and it was a ride LOL. I’m hoping to write some thoughts about the two versions, but in the meantime I wanted to just put up the main OST song! I have to say I still like Chilly (凉凉) from the drama version better, but this is a nice standard fare historical/fantasy OST. I actually quite like the version sung by Liu Yifei and Yang Yang, I find Yifei’s singing voice really pretty!

I’m not going to translate it because…. the language is just too hard for me HAHA it includes a lot of references to phrases from old Chinese literature that are just wayyy over my head, and I don’t want to get them wrong, so I’ll link a nice translation by renn on OneHallyu!


Original Na Ying Version:

Liu Yifei and Yang Yang Version:


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