I am an ABC–American-born Chinese–but I love my culture and want to get more in touch with it.

I love music, and I have a fondness for EXO that comes from watching them grow from pre-debut lil babies to the successful babies they are now. I translated a lot of their songs in the early days, but now there are so many more translators who are infinitely more talented and fluent than I am in the fandom who are able to get translations out much faster, so I’ll leave it to them!

Instead, I’ll try to work on lesser-known songs from Chinese dramas/movies etc. who have fewer people translating. (Let me know in the comments if you have any songs you want translated! Now that I’ve graduated college I have waaaay more time on my hands.)

No translation is 100%, but I’ll try my best to make them as accurate and understandable as possible.

I also want to get back into drama commentary, it’s been so long!!

No matter how you came across my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy what you find!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. oyuka says:

    woooww. i like your blog so so much. and i’m exotic too :p i’m totally obsessed with them. i’m Mongolian and right now i’m in china :p i like china really really much. and i’m trying to study Chinese language. EXO helps me to study it kkk i watch their variety shows and listen their music. EXO helps me a lot 😀 i like your personality. keep blogging xiexie

  2. Selby says:

    would it be possible for you to translate Vanness Wu’s new album “Different Man”? I love his songs but I can’t find translations for him anywhere.

    • lalaladdy says:

      definitely! do you mean translate all of the songs in the album, or just different man? i would be happy to do all of them! although it’s finals season right now, so i probably won’t be able to start on more than one or two before dec18 :\ but during winter break i’ll definitely try to finish! 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    Are you still a fan of EXO? 😦 I know you could be busy since you’re in college & all, but you haven’t uploaded any new lyric translations for EXODUS/Love Me Right, so I was just wondering. A lot of EXO-Ls left the fandom after KrisHan left, anyway… :/

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