Dream High Picture

Perfection.  I love this show.


Dream High Episode 13

I’m not sure if IU really has perfect pitch in real life, since Pil Suk does, but if she does, then I am so jealous.

I really really want perfect pitch.  The want kind of died down the last two years because I was so busy with school that I didn’t have oodles of time to spend on piano or flute.  But I really want perfect pitch.  Then maybe I could actually sing ahahaha…. sike.

I really liked the scene between Jin Gook and his father, with the flower garland and stuff.  It was so cute and sweet!  And then when Jin Gook saw his father was wearing the watch he gave him…. his smile was so adorable ❤

I hope that Sam Dong learning his own awesome perfect pitch skills is actually learnable tin real life, because as soon as I get some real free time, I’m gonna try and work on it.  I was so excited when he was singing with Pil Suk and he got the right pitch!

As for Baek Hee, I am hoping that the entire President Yoon situation is that when she went up to talk to him, he was like well there is one way you can come back to the company *cue evil mustache twirl*, instead of her being like I’ll do anything!  Judging from her previous statement to her teacher about wanting to not break the rules anymore, and then also because she freaked out after her mom received the abalones from the president, I think its the former.

And also, I don’t remember the pendant getting from Hye Mi to Sam Dong…. but I guess it doesn’t matter now, since Sam Dong gave it to Jin Gook.  I wonder who is going to be the “K” from the beginning of the show?  At this point, since Jin Gook has the pendant, I’m gonna go with him.  But seeing as it’s been passed around so many times already, that’s almost definitely gonna change.

Dream High Episode 5

OMO.  The beginning of this episode.  STOLE MY HEART.  Jin Gook really like Hye Mi for sure!!!  AHHHHHH!!! ❤

Baek Hee cannot get Jin Gook at the end of this drama.  Unless she does some serious character changing.

LOL.  Jason is so funny.  And Kim Pil Sook is such a cutie pieee.  I’ve never really watched or listened to anything by IU, but I think she’s a pretty good singer, and actress as well.  Sooo cute.

And then the scene between Jin Gook and Hye Mi when they were little was SO SWEET.  I WISH I HAD A CHILDHOOD LIKE THAT, meeting someone, sighhhh.

I don’t like the teacher, Kyung Jin or w/e her name is, the one with the short bob haircut who is everyone else’s teacher.  She is seriously infecting Baek Hee’s mind!

And I loved Hye Mi’s test, because she was just singing her heart out to Jin Gook, and they were cutting back and forth between when they were kids and then the present, and it was just so sweet and so cute and so perfect!

Poor Sam Dong.  Although because of the pot dropping thing, Jin Gook and Hye Mi don’t get the opportunity to reminisce about the song because it’s all forgotten in the flurry of getting to the hospital and stuff.  Phooey, I wanted to see them do that.  😛