Dream High Picture

Perfection.  I love this show.


Dream High 2 <3

So I love Dream High like crazy.  It is my favorite k-drama, and it is awesome, and aahhhhh.  Imagine my delight when I found out there would be a season 2???  SO EXCITED.  My sources say that it will not be following the same characters as season 1, but will introduce new people.  (Boohoo, I wanna see more of that gorgeous Taecyeon and adorable and sweet Kim Soo Hyun, especially if they follow him as K; and I wouldn’t mind seeing Hye Mi either, with her “I, I have a dream…” thing :D).

Season one of Dream High was produced by JYP Entertainment and Key East Entertainment, and so it the cast starred many of their respective companies’ talents.  For season 2, the pool for cast members has been increased and glorified, because SM Entertainment (Super JuniorSHINee, and SNSD anyone?) has joined forces to produce this second season.  PLEASE I BEG OF YOU CAST A SUJU CUTIE.  Ahem, what, did I just say that, psh no.  >.>

Just as the first season premiered on January 3, 2011, the second season will begin its broadcast January 3, 2012.

Dream High Episode 15

Teacher Shi is so adorable.  In the beginning I was like wow she’s hateful, then later I was like awww she’s a good teacher, I’m starting to like her, and now… ahahahaha I love her.  Sometimes her voice sounds like a little kid’s and it’s sooo cute 🙂  I think Teacher Yang should just give up.

Jason and Pil Suk are the cutest people ever.  Omo omo omo.  I can’t help squealing over their interactions because they’re so cute!  And then when Pil Suk found out that the girl who was on Jason’s phone was Pil Suk…. SUCH AWESOMENESS, I CANNOT TAKE IT.  AHHHH.

I’m glad we found out the truth about Teacher Kang and Hye Mi’s mom.  Because really, for a guy like him to have “seduced” her mother away, it’s just…. illogical.

Lol.  And once again, the pendant has changed owners and is now in the hands of Hye Mi.

So it was kindaa predictable that Hye Mi wouldn’t leave, especially after she watched that introduction video that she made of herself.  I’m glad she didn’t leave though.  And Kim Soo Hyun‘s crying when he thought that Hye Mi was on the bus leaving was so good and realistic!