EXO-M ‘Machine’ – Chinese Lyrics, Pinyin Lyrics, and English Translation

Lol and with this post I will have translated all of the songs on an entire mini-album….  instead of doing schoolwork oh god goodbye my chances of getting into a good college

Again, I used the Chinese lyrics from the Weibo Tieba with some of my own tweaks.

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EXO-M ‘MAMA’ – Chinese Lyrics, Pinyin Lyrics, and English Translation

Oh my lord.  I can’t even.  EXO is going to kill me.

The chinese lyrics I’m gonna put them exactly as they are on the bottom of the MV so if it seems like there should be a comma, just add it in mentally.

Translations are not 100% correct!  I feel like there were multiple instances where the lyrics would mean something different if a fluent speaker were to translate them, because the phrases might make sense….  Hopefully after I go to China this summer I will be able to translate better in the future 🙂

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EXO Chinese Showcase ‘MAMA’ – Chinese Lyrics, Pinyin Lyrics, and English Translation

***PLEASE READ!***   hello friends!  These lyrics were taken from the showcase, but I have since made another post, which can be found here, with the official lyrics from the MV.  If you go off of these lyrics, they will be WRONG.  So if you’re still interested in finding the translations and pinyin and other stuff, please go to the other post!  Thank you!  🙂


So ‘MAMA’ is EXO’s debut song.  This is the version of it that they performed at the second showcase in Beijing.

So this song was kind of like super hard to translate lol because it’s not a pure audio file, just from a video recorder, and the acoustics of the whole mic system and the screaming fans and also the echo-ey nature of the song itself makes everything soooo much harder ajkdlfaksjf.

I couldn’t even do the ending lol the beginning is accurate because I found part of it on a chinese website, but then the ending…. that’s just me guessing kind of aimlessly lol.

But the lyrics omg so intense ajskdlf;askjf;laksdjf

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