SHINee’s Mini-Album Sherlock Achieves An All-Kill!

Ahhh, my heart.  It can’t take this happiness.

After a year and 6 month hiatus, SHINee’s new mini-album Sherlock was released today.  And it has now achieved an all-kill on all major Korean music sites, including Melon, Soribada, and Naver.  HOORAY 😀  I am sooo happy for them ahhhhh.

I’ve only been a shawol since like last December, so did this happen with Lucifer too?  Or is this their first?

Anyways, not only did their title track Sherlock (Clue+Note) rank in the all-kill, but all seven of the songs on their mini-album have taken the places 1 through 7 on some of these sites.  Now that, my chingus, is quite an achievement, I think.

I am SO EXCITED for the MV, and I am SOOO ready for their first and subsequent comeback stages!  I will be failing all my tests this week!  Yayyy!!!!

Anyways, here’s an article from KoreaBoo:


SHINee Sherlock Mini-Album: My Thoughts

So.  I’m just gonna give my thoughts on all of this lovelyyyy SHINee stuff.  Read it if you want haha.  I’ll talk about each song and then wrap up.  Might talk about their concept/MV teaser too!  Lol I just really need something to take me away from the mound of homework that I have yet to even touch….

1. Sherlock (Clue+Note)

I’m so curiousss yeahhh~~!  Hahahaha sooo catchy, I’ve been singing it over and over again since they first released the audio teaser haha.  I didn’t think that the “SHINee is back” whispers would be part of a song, but here they are!  YAY.  hahaha.  The beginning of the song is actually like so suspenseful lol it was interesting.  TAEMIN.  He has so many singing parts!!!  Although I’m not a Taemint, I’m really excited that he’s singing more!  Because I freak out every time I watch his Immortal Song 2 performances haha….  Anyways, this song, I haven’t listened to Clue or Note yet, so I guess I won’t talk about the meshingness….  But yeah, I really like the back beats and stuff because they sound SO COOL.  Like some of them add a nice contrast, and then others work really well, and like, it just sounds so AWESOME.  Also they have this sound of like glass breaking or something several times throughout the song, totally cool 🙂 Lol the rap at the end, where they start talking about SHINee (well actually they could be talking about it in the earlier parts too, but I can’t really understand anything but the English part, so yeah..) it was interesting haha; “Tonight!  SHINee’s in the house! … so give it up give it up give it up for SHINee!!!” lol.  But Key has some long notes at the end!  I approve!

I’m really excited to see the full MV ehehehe….  I like this song.  The harmonization during the chorus is soooo nice and reminds me of Love Like Oxygen, in a veryy good way 🙂

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An Update on My Life… and K-Pop!

Wow I have not posted anything for a very very long time.  But I’m glad I still get so much traffic thanks to my Bu Bu Jing Xin OST song posts!  Haha anyways, it’s been a rough school year and at this point I am just ready to give up so I am writing this to relieve stress 🙂

Initially, this blog was basically just about dramas (I have pages for books and movies…. but those have been sadly neglected haha).  Then like last monthish, I revisited K-pop, and found SHINee.  Cue end of trying to be a good student.  Although in the past, when I first tried K-pop (which was circa…. 2009?  Yeah, I think that sounds right), I kind of just glanced by them, I realized my grave mistake when I found them again.  Also, 2009 was only less than a year after they debuted, so the awesomeness of Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Hello, and etc. had not come out yet…. so perhaps that’s a bit why.  BUT.  I think what really got me to love them was watching all those Korean variety shows (seriously, America could learn a thing or two about getting some more interesting variety shows).  Watching Hello Baby was nice because I got to see all of those adorable members (hehe I’m still a dongsaeng, even to Taemin, not one of those crazy noonas :P), and I fell in loveee with them (no matter how scripted the show may be…)  Especially the adorkable ONEW ❤  Oh goodness he’s such a cutie and his non-physical sangtae is AAAHHH love it 🙂  Anywhoo, yes, after that I have searched for any and all shows they have been on and watched them.  And I hope I will be able to continue doing so!  Aka, they should not break up any time in the near future.

So, I am quite excited about their 2012 comeback!!!!  Especially after their Gayo Daejun Lucifer performance (MBC silly, why did you cut off the ending??!), that amazing whispering of “SHINee is back, SHINee is back, SHINee is back”….  I swear, after watching that I sat and hyperventilated while flailing my arms for about 5-10 minutes straight.  Rumors say that they will be making either a February or March comeback..?

However, SM Entertainment will be debuting a new, “revolutionary” boy group called EXO!  Basically, this group will be split into two parts–EXO-K and EXO-M.  EXO-K will promote in Korea, while EXO-M will promote in China (so a bit similar to Super Junior M).  According to SM, they will debut at the same time, with the same song, in Korea and China respectively.  On December 22, 2011, SM began releasing teasers to reveal each of the members.  The first to be revealed was Kai.  To date, Lu Han, Tao, Chen, Se Hun, Lay, Xiu Min, D.O., and Baek Hyun have been revealed through the teasers.  The other 3 members, who were seen but not formally introduced in previous teasers, are Chan Yeol, Kris (or Cris/Chris, I’m not sure), and Joon Myun.

They recently released a prologue song (not to be mistaken with a debut song, apparently) called What Is Love, for which I will be putting up lyrics for both the Chinese and Korean versions and translating the Chinese version.  I will probably also try to find the translations for the Korean version as well.

Anywaysss, I am super excited for this group.  I am really glad that I will actually be able to correctly sing “K-pop” songs!  Although I guess they would be considered C-pop in China, but pshhhh.  I am a tad worried, though, because after all, SM Entertainment is a Korean entertainment company.  Therefore, the power that SM’s name has to push groups to popularity will probably only apply to EXO-K.  Signs of disparity are already showing; for example, on Youtube, the viewer count for EXO-K’s version of What Is Love has already surpassed one million.  EXO-M’s version, on the other hand, has only reached half that.  I would HATE for EXO-M to have to disband or something and have EXO-K still continue due to not enough popularity for EXO-M.  But, as my friend pointed out to me to calm me down, China has its own websites for video watching, such as Youku (China’s version of Youtube I guess?).  So I just really hope that China’s following of EXO-M will be huge and very significant.

Other groups that I have become interested in are MBLAQ and 2PM, to a lesser extent.  I have always kept an eye out for Super Junior, since Sorry, Sorry was the first K-pop song I listened to in 2009, but I never really liked them up to my love for SHINee right now.

So anywaysss, this was my update on how my life has shifted toward K-pop!  🙂

Also, in regards to the “I ❤ KPOP” picture that I had posted a while ago, at that time I only recognized four or five of the groups on there…. the reason I had posted it was just because I really liked how it was a composite of all the groups.  But now I have heard of almost every group on there!  haha~

ANYWHOO, here are my tumblrs (don’t judge, i have more than one okay it’s a long story >///<): &&