Vanness Wu’s New Album. iTunes. Get It Now.

❤ Love.  Perfection.  Sigh.

Here’s a list of all the songs in his new album, C’est La “V”.  (so clever, right? 😉 )

1. Intro (haha…. just goin off iTunes, here)

2. Shuo Ai Jiu Ai – 说爱就爱

3. Is This All feat. Ryan Tedder (opening song of the Taiwanese drama Material Queen)

4. Do It feat. Vic Zhou (F4 Love (: )

5. Ming Ding – 命定

6. You Ni Zai – 有你在

7. Zhi Yao Ta Kuai Le – 只要她快乐

8. Ai De Shou Liu Dan – 爱的手榴弹

9. Ai Mei Zou – 爱没走

10. Ai Ya – 哎呀 (MV featuring his lovely Autumn’s Concerto co-star Ady An)

11. Tou. Ming. Ai – 透。明。爱

12. Knockin’ (written by the very American Bruno Mars!!!!)

I ❤ Vanness!!!!


Black & White Episode 6 (and other thoughts)

I had heard of Black & White previously, probably when I was watching Sunny Happiness and I wanted to see what other works that Janine Chang was in.  I found Black & White, but I didn’t start it because it didn’t really interest me at that time.  I was in a rom-com zone, no action necessary other than the occasional car crash or other tragedy that would test the love of the leads.

Now though, I’ve had quite a fair deal of rom-coms, so I am going to start opening up to other dramas.  The other actiony drama on my list is City Hunter, which I think is wrapping up this week, so I will be able to marathon it as I choose.

Anyways, this drama is really good so far.  It has Vic Zhou of JVKV (or F4), who I didn’t really think was very attractive.  Like not at all.  But now he’s grown on me, and his character, Chen Zai Tian (the Pi Zi of the show’s title, Pi Zi Ying Xiong), is so entertaining.

The other guy, played by Mark Chao, seriously seemed like such a pain in the butt for me in the first few episodes.  Wu Ying Xiong is the black in the “Black & White”, and he is somewhat of a strange guy to me.  As in I can’t figure him out.

Ivy Chen plays the daughter of the big triad San Lian Hui’s boss, Chen Lin.  She is so cute!!!  I’m excited to watch her in Extravagant Challenge.

Back to Janine Chang; she is sooo pretty!!!  Her hair is so long and pretty (although I think it kind of doesn’t fit her character for it to be down, since she is a forensics person, so she should have it up so that it doesn’t interfere with her work…?  Idk, just my opinion).  She plays Lan Xi Ying.

The love/interest in this show of basically everyone is kinda confusing.  Chen Tian is just a player, going around and just— I don’t even know.  And then BAM, kissing Chen Lin at his house.  Jeesh.  Then we have Ying Xiong, who seems like he is really affected by Chen Lin, and seems to like her, but then he also seems to like Xi Ying, and whenever Chen Lin, Ying Xiong, and Xi Ying are all together, it’s a party of awkwardness.  Xi Ying, we can tell she likes Ying Xiong, and she is not happy to seem Ying Xiong with Chen Lin, but she’s not the kind of person who would try to assert herself between them, she just kind of backs off (at least that’s what she did in episode 6 when Chen Lin brought the doughnuts to the police station, which is kind of strange, just sayin).

American police shows drag on forever, even though it’s basically the same premise?  When I say drag, I mean they have so many seasons, and they’re all basically just cases that are per episode, with an overarching backstory each season.  But for Black & White, they also have cases (but they do stretch out more than one case per episode, more like one case per three episodes), and then a backstory.  But this drama is only 24 episodes.