Dream High Picture

Perfection.  I love this show.


Dream High Episode 3

So I realized this before, but I didn’t see any reason to bring it up until now.  The art minister guy who has to listen to the principal is played by the guy who played Director Park in Secret Garden, and in that he was also someone who had to obey orders, but wanted ways to kind of get out of them and do his own thing.  So yeah.

LOL.  The scene between Jin Gook and Hye Mi when she walks into Kang Oh Hyuk’s house and he’s standing there with a towel wrapped around him.  HAHA.  It was quite cliche, but still funny.  Also, I liked how he spit out his water on Hye Seong on accident.

And then later, their scene when he gave her the earbud and there wasn’t any music connected, that was so sweeeeettttt!!!!!  I’ve never seen that done in a drama before, so I liked it a lot.

A side note— do they not film with the heat on?  Because in every scene, even when they’re in a house or school, I can see their breath fog.  If they are filming in temperatures cold enough to fog breath, then dang.  Props.

The guy who randomly speaks English is SOOO nice and cute and AHHH.  And I guess pretty talented, since he was one of the soloists at the entrance ceremony….  His English isn’t too bad either, so woooo 🙂  He’s played by 2PM member Wooyoung, and he is a cutie!

I’m sad that the high-stakes, dog-eat-dog world that Baek Hee has gotten herself into has started to corrupt her.  Like seriously.  Putting a thumb tack into the girl’s shoe?  That’s bad in itself, because it’s just a dirty trick, but then pretending to be so concerned and “Oh, let’s get you to the clinic right now!” is just two-faced and please-let-me-slap-her.  Eesh.