X-Men: First Class – Again

     I watched X-Men: First Class again yesterday.  I love this kid.  🙂


X-Men: First Class

I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE.  !!!!!!!!

Many things made this movie very good.  For one thing, James McAvoy is in it, and he is quite attractive.  Quite.  Also, being a prequel, it explained how things came to be, setting things up for X-MenX2: X-Men United, and X-Men: The Last Stand.

I really liked watching this because it shows Erik (Magneto) becoming good friends with Charles Xavier.  It shows that no matter what, their difference in opinion about how to deal with humans vs. mutants couldn’t be reconciled, and it is what led to the creation of Magneto’s Brotherhood vs. Professor X’s X-Men.  (I also thought it was quite clever how they included the origin of the name “X-Men” at the end of the movie).  It answered many questions, like how Professor X got into his wheelchair, why he started his school.  And also one thing that I didn’t know was that Raven/Mystique was like a sister to Charles!  It made me really sad once we found that out because when you think of the trilogy, Mystique is Magneto’s right hand woman, and so she inevitably sees Professor X.  Although the two weren’t related by blood, Charles gave Raven a home when they were still young children, and he watched over her as if she were his real sister.  That kind of bond is quite strong, but it was still broken.  And then having to revisit that bond each time you see the other person?  It made me sad thinking about it.  😦

This movie also had plenty of funny moments.  I was laughing pretty hard at some parts (although it’s not too hard to make me laugh, so maybe my opinion isn’t entirely accurate, but whatever).  And the action is great.  Really great.  🙂

I also thought that it was funny how they got Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and the person who plays the older Mystique in the trilogies to come back and kind of reprise their roles.  And Wolverine’s one line in this movie….  Haha.  Funny.

I am definitely going to be watching this movie again, after I refresh and watch the aforementioned trilogy first.